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  1. Thank you for the information. I take Zeena back to Get tomorrow to remove stitches. I'll talk to him about this. Sounds like what happened with your border collie is what happened to Zeena...almost back to back....one ear then the other. We had a border collie named Dapple....she was with us for 18 yrs. She was so sweet & smart. We miss her dearly....but forever a part of our Heart! Thanks again for replying.
  2. I have really tried to limit their play as the tugging of the ears go...but it happened again. I just thought it was strange that of all the dogs I've had...its never happened before. Thought perhaps It was something Husky's ears related....or at least more prone to happen.
  3. By8A couple of months ago, we thought it was because our Shepsky was playing rough with her. There was no sign of infection in Ear or mites. Drainage then cleared it up & ear healed. I guess Dr will know when we go. I've had dogs & cats all my life & never had this happened. Twice to my husky in the last 2 months seems strange. Hoping for answers.rhank you for your reply.
  4. I'm curious if any other Husky Lovers have had this problem. Our Zeena had a Hematoma on her right ear & luckily the vet was able to sedate & drain without putting a tube in. Now I've just noticed the other ear doing the same. I've had dogs all my life and never saw these problems....so I'm wondering if it's perhaps Husky related? PS...we have appt with Veterinarian in 2 days to check it out & do procedure again if necessary.
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