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  1. The snapping is usually caused from petting her, hugging, cuddling etc The pup sometimes is around when feeding her, but it started before he came, she used to be very gentle when taking food, but started slowly snapping it out of my hand like she was dying of starvation. She does a lot of tricks, speak, play dead, paws, etc so I usually give her a reward after she does several. I started feeding her in her crate because she goes after the puppy when he comes close to her bowl. I just got them to stop feeding her table scraps, or so i think, Im not always around so I'm not sure, but i havent seen anyone feed her anything
  2. I'm getting very worried. My 3 and a half year old husky has been snapping at my family, sometimes even me. She started taking food in a snappy way and Sometimes biting my hand, She's always been good with dogs and we got a puppy and they were doing fine. But lately he will be playing and she will grab him by the scruff and start shaking him or grab him by his face and hold him down til he whines very loud. I also worry about the puppy, When he "plays" he jumps on her and makes a very loud snarling sound and bares his teeth, and tries to grab her face, he's only 9 weeks and I don't know if this is normal behavior.
  3. Shes already full grown ☺ 3, almost four Ive tried using her food but she wont go for it, i have to use high quality treats
  4. I constantly carry a treat pouch with me around the house and outside, I'll give random commands through out the day with chicken sausage cut up, and blue wilderness treats, I usually reward quite a lot, should I still feed her breakfast when shes eating a lot of treats through out the day? or should I just give dinner, I usually give one cup in the morning and one cup at night, But i want to avoid weight gain and go on with training as usual.
  5. When I sit down with Maya, wether its at the park or In the vet office, she will bark and whine after a few minutes of sitting down. Is there any way I can train her to be quiet for long periods of time when I need her to be?
  6. Usually i found out after, a few days ago my dad fed her mexican food, when i made it clear, no table scraps
  7. Maya wont come when shes called unless she feels like it, she wont listen outside of the house for anything, once shes outside she wont even look at me. She goes to the bathroom wherever she wants despite all my efforts of trying to train her. She runs between your legs an out the door, she steals food, and items off of counters and out of peoples hands. she has no limits. From day one I tried to set limits but she wont respect them. My family wont listen to the limits Ive set which is not helping at all. They feed her food when she begs, they pet her even tho shes growling, they lay on her, and I cant get anyone to listen. I dont know what else to do. How do I get her to see im the boss, not her.
  8. Maya is 4 and she still isnt pottytrained. If i follow her downstairs in the morning she will go out and maybe go potty, but a lot of the time she cant be left alone for one minute. she will go out and go pee but she will come back in and poop. the door is always open so she can go out, but she will go potty in the house anyways. we have been trying to potty train her from day one but nothings working. the house always smells terrible and she wont stop.
  9. I use treats to train Maya, and it costs a fortune to buy dog treats that she isnt even into, I've had a few people say I can use gerber puffs and yogurt melts for babies for her? I just want to make sure I can ACTUALLY use those without her getting any negative affects.
  10. I usually do walk her early in the morning but I cant at night, we get a lot of wild life and my parents worry about the bears and coyotes, shes already been attacked by a group of coyotes once. 😕 But the walks we go on are usually an hour in the morning because it gets very hot very fast, shes usually fine after the walk for a few hours but then she starts getting restless.
  11. I have found going to the dog park and taking her swimming to be good ways of getting her energy out. But I'm only 16 and cant drive so i only get the opportunity to take her places once or twice a week, and thats not enough for her, she needs to get her energy out every day. The heat has been in the 80's and 90's and the streets are way to hot to walk her on, I don't know what else to do the get this energy out, she acts terrible when she cant go out and starts stealing things and barking and whining. what can I do to get her to calm down?
  12. She Moves around just fine, we go to the dog park often and shes always bolting around unfazed 😕 Im taking her to the vet saturday for shots, i will be sure to ask while im there. The only problem with my brother is that he is very disobedient and disrespectful, He does anything he can to get under your skin if you tell him not to do it, I hate to but ive resorted to keeping her in my room with her toys, water, food, and crate, and just walking her 3 times a day to go potty .
  13. Lately Maya has been snapping at several people, to the point where its becoming a problem. When I pet her paws she does a deep in her chest growl, she never bares her teeth, ever. and she will reach out and try to bite my hand. Its the same when I pet her hips, she does the growl and reaches out very quickly to bite my hand. She does the growl most of the time someone pets her, rarely with me, but when she does its scary. I don't know if i should say bad girl, or if i should try to show her its okay. She has never been an affectionate dog towards anyone but me, sometimes My family. But the snapping is slowly getting worse and I don't know what I did to make her get to this point. She doesnt ACTUALLY bite anyone, Just lightly puts her teeth on their hands and pulls away. She has nipped my brother hard a few times, hes 9, cause he pulls on her fur,paws, and lays on her, so I dont usually blame her.
  14. Maya is in heat, we have been planning on breeding her for a long time and I have questions I cant seem to get an answer for. Her blood is a little brownish red, And she's been skipping meals for a few days, and is very clingy and wont really leave her crate or my room. Can any one tell me what stage she's in and when its safe to breed her please?
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