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  1. IMG_0697.HEIC My little pooch currently 9 week [emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners mobile app
  2. Hi guys, Thought id show you my husky that sadly passed away just over 1 year ago unfortunatley I only have 1 photo of her on this laptop but it doesn't even take a photo to show you how amazing my girl was, and just to pay respect as I believe this is the right place to do it. Her story: Teyha was born in March 16 2014, she came from a champion family in snow dog racing. Teyha was a wonder full pup with an amazing personality so full of joy and excitement, she used to roam around and just be a general twat, chew things, try and escape, destroy any household item that had sentimental value you name it haha! but she was so loving and affectionate and an amazing family dog, she was so gentle with other dogs aswel as new faces and different people that came into our home. First Sezuire: Anyways one day, my young sister began to scream so I ran down the stairs to see what it was and Teyha was having a FIT/Seizure, as anyone would do I began to panic and mind went blank on what to do. so I just sat back and comforted her told her she's going to be okay eventually she came round and began pacing few hours went by then I decided to take her to the Vets to see what caused this. he Diagnosed her with epilepsy and told me theres nothing he can do and it will be natural for her have a seizure once in a while. His words put ease on our minds. 3 months went by Second Seizure: I had came in drunk one night with a Dominos pizza took it to my room eat the majority of it and passed out putting the box with a few slices left inside, Teyha being the twat she was came into my room and stole the pizza but I had heard her and jumped up to stop her, put it this way I've never seen a dog swallow a slice of pizza so fast but she wasn't the same after it. she was crying and throwing up so I comforted her as thats all I could really do and clean up the shit and sick haha! shortly after that she went into another seizure at this point I was clam because I had experienced it before, what an awful experience watching your dog in pain and theres nothing you could do about it. But this time she never managed to come our of the cycle and began to seizure again 2 hours between each other after the third one I was passed my self entered panic mode again and immediately called the vets(emergency vets this time) as there must be something we could do to help this poor dog, they told us to bring her in when she comes out of her cluster. I was FUCKING FURIOUS as I was researching online and dogs can literally just die when going through a cluster, anyways Teyha pulled through we got her to the vets after 16 Seizures at this point it had been 24 hours since we had contacted the vets so we took her down and they finally took her in for tests and gave us the option to either put her down or select medication. I my self did take it upon my self and put her on medication and she was right as rain pulled through for almost a year! 8 months later Finally Cluster of Seizure's: So the medication was working wonders for Teyha, she was happy as Larry again being the escape artist she was decided to climb a wall YES a fucking wall not sure how she managed to do it but believe me when I say it people I will upload the video when I find it and show you how crazy it is, anyways decided to go missing for a few hours until returning home her self because she was clearly bored of the outside world...Lol, but again back with the "she wasn't the same" when she came back really grumpy and stuff but all came on pretty fast 6PM and night August 16th 2016 she went into another SEIZURE!! but this time she never came out of them we contacted the emergency vets which cost us £250 pound for a 15 minute phone call what a Joke 9AM The next morning she finally came out of the Seizure's I was up all night watching her but only this time it was too late to save her, Teyha Died in my arms after 37 Seizure's on August 17th 2016 really wish there was something I could of done but it happened she was such an amazing dog people believe me when I say this Thank you for reading it was important for my to write this as I've never had the chance to explain to anybody what happened and how it happend Also sorry for poor gramma was never the best at writing haha R.I.P Teyha xxx
  3. Hello you fine husky owners, Another question from me as I'm intrigued to know as I purposely picked the runt of the litter he was much smaller than his littermate but I knew I had the time for him and to help him have a nice healthy happy life. Questions are: Does anybody have the runt of the litter if so how far on are they and how big has he/she grown? Preferably pictures & a tad advice on what you done for them etc; Do they grow full size or will the be very small always? Many Thanks, Aaron & Samantha
  4. You will love Max if your a dog lover I though it was a really good movie.
  5. Thank you very much for that your boys eat like KINGS! Do you know any form of food that is good for puppy growth as mine is the runt of the littler so he is tiny atm but I'm sure hell get up there eventually
  6. Hello Everyone, Would like to say thank you for all the support already and I've only been a member for a few hours and I already have a good feeling about this community, so I thought its time I introduce you to my 8 week old puppy Meet Leo Me and the misses got Leo a few days ago he is an 8 week old puppy full of energy and very mischevious with such an amazing personality, Leo was the runt of the litter was the smallest out of his litter mates, he is a tad under weight but I'm sure we will get him up there; currently weighting at 2.7kg. We loved Leo the second we seem him he just felt right he was the one that ran straight over to us and started to lick us and would cry if he wasn't getting attention so he is a right attention seeker! Although Leo has a beautiful face don't be fooled he's a little shit but we love him very much. Hope you like our pup will definitely be posting his progress on here we also have a instagram account for his progress aswel those that are interested in his life and his life with us! Thanks for reading. hope to be hearing messages and seeing all your poochs over the forum!
  7. Don't you worry about that I will be posting photos quite often of him. me and the misses can't wait till he grows up too he's so cute, really appreciate your comment.
  8. My new 8 week old puppy, he's more photogenic than I am haha.
  9. Hello. I think you will do absolutely great as a first dog owner the tips these people have gave you are spot on. I also have just bought a new pup since my last husky girl died 1 year ago at the age of only 2 due to a cluster of seizures bless her. but now I'm raising a new pup and he is amazing never had a husky male before so I'm kind of in the same boat as you. but your apart of a brilliant community here I've only just became a member but to see how helpful people are on here its really good to see. best of luck with your new pooch there an amazing breed
  10. Thank you for that response it really helped and appreciate it. if anybody else could give me further advice please do willing to take all onboard.
  11. Hello all hope your all well, Basically we got our new Siberian Husky Pup called Leo he's currently 8 weeks old he was the runt of the litter so he is slightly smaller than the rest of his litter, although he is coming on just fine in terms of weight and health problems info below: Weighing currently at: 2.7kg Age:8 weeks/2 months Just need abit of advice on what types of food would he take because he refuses dry food completely. I've the breeders we received him from what food they were using but there yet to get back to me and this is quite urgent so I have a few questions if you people could help me out on this one. thank you. Questions: Can I break him into raw feeding diet? What types of food are good to increase weight? What brands are can you recommend? Hope those questions aint to complicated, we are thankful for any form of feedback you guys can offer me. Regards, Aaron Coates.
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