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    Hello, I created this profile for our little pooch called Leo, and to meet all your dogs to share ideas and thoughts, if you want to message us about anything feel free just put either Aaron or Samantha in the message, we both share this account so one of us will get back to you.

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  1. IMG_0697.HEIC My little pooch currently 9 week [emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners mobile app
  2. Hi guys, Thought id show you my husky that sadly passed away just over 1 year ago unfortunatley I only have 1 photo of her on this laptop but it doesn't even take a photo to show you how amazing my girl was, and just to pay respect as I believe this is the right place to do it. Her story: Teyha was born in March 16 2014, she came from a champion family in snow dog racing. Teyha was a wonder full pup with an amazing personality so full of joy and excitement, she used to roam around and just be a general twat, chew things, try and escape, destroy any household item th
  3. Hello you fine husky owners, Another question from me as I'm intrigued to know as I purposely picked the runt of the litter he was much smaller than his littermate but I knew I had the time for him and to help him have a nice healthy happy life. Questions are: Does anybody have the runt of the litter if so how far on are they and how big has he/she grown? Preferably pictures & a tad advice on what you done for them etc; Do they grow full size or will the be very small always? Many Thanks, Aaron & Samantha
  4. You will love Max if your a dog lover I though it was a really good movie.
  5. Thank you very much for that your boys eat like KINGS! Do you know any form of food that is good for puppy growth as mine is the runt of the littler so he is tiny atm but I'm sure hell get up there eventually
  6. Hello Everyone, Would like to say thank you for all the support already and I've only been a member for a few hours and I already have a good feeling about this community, so I thought its time I introduce you to my 8 week old puppy Meet Leo Me and the misses got Leo a few days ago he is an 8 week old puppy full of energy and very mischevious with such an amazing personality, Leo was the runt of the litter was the smallest out of his litter mates, he is a tad under weight but I'm sure we will get him up there; currently weighting at 2.7kg. We loved Leo the se
  7. Don't you worry about that I will be posting photos quite often of him. me and the misses can't wait till he grows up too he's so cute, really appreciate your comment.
  8. My new 8 week old puppy, he's more photogenic than I am haha.
  9. Hello. I think you will do absolutely great as a first dog owner the tips these people have gave you are spot on. I also have just bought a new pup since my last husky girl died 1 year ago at the age of only 2 due to a cluster of seizures bless her. but now I'm raising a new pup and he is amazing never had a husky male before so I'm kind of in the same boat as you. but your apart of a brilliant community here I've only just became a member but to see how helpful people are on here its really good to see. best of luck with your new pooch there an amazing breed
  10. Thank you for that response it really helped and appreciate it. if anybody else could give me further advice please do willing to take all onboard.
  11. Hello all hope your all well, Basically we got our new Siberian Husky Pup called Leo he's currently 8 weeks old he was the runt of the litter so he is slightly smaller than the rest of his litter, although he is coming on just fine in terms of weight and health problems info below: Weighing currently at: 2.7kg Age:8 weeks/2 months Just need abit of advice on what types of food would he take because he refuses dry food completely. I've the breeders we received him from what food they were using but there yet to get back to me and this is quite urgent so I have a few question
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