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  1. Another awesome Red 💕 welcome and enjoy 😍
  2. Welcome, are you going to be getting a pup or is it a grown rescue?
  3. Welcome home Valkyries, who are your bringing with you?
  4. What? Really? I'm confused 😲 does anyone else not understand the question ?
  5. I am so sorry to read your very sad news, especially for one so young and my what a gorgeous young lady she was - she will join the Husky-Owners pack that has already preceeded and fear not she will not be alone. She will run far, she will run fast and she will be free from pain. Always in our hearts Anna-Marie now and forever
  6. Congratulatios on an amazing feat
  7. Gorgeous, I need her in my life right now
  8. I'm sorry, I still can't get by Mattman17's fact about the pigs feet - I'm totally grossed out right now!
  9. I have the big round Kirkland beds from Costco, mine love their beds but still sleep in other places, my bed, couch, chair and in the bathroom hugging the toilet
  10. I've got to say, I really love the reds, doesn't matter about the eye colour. Taiya had a blue and a brown eye and Nookie has blue eyes and is visually stunning.
  11. I love them all, where can I get them?
  12. I'm head over heels over you You talkin to me ......., You talkin to ME!? Hey, Look at me Santa, can I come with you guys pulling the Christmas sleigh - I can be Rudolph! One of us is gonna haft to give up and it ain't gonna be me!
  13. I would also like to suggest a dog grooming dryer it cuts down on the grooming time - I take mine outside on a windy day, blow all the fur and the fur blows away - result! :-) Always lock doors behind you as some clever pups teach themselves to open doors - you may find that out at your peril! Don't forget the minimum 6 foot fencing around the house so your little darlings can't escape; and flag any areas near the fence so the can't dig underneath either - think of your pup as an escape artist who has cat like crafts up their claws.
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