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  1. Hi all, I know this question was asked a couple of years ago and that thread was helpful but I have a couple of other questions. I'm going to be a first time dog owner and I'm very interested in getting a husky despite the fact that everyone suggests a retriever for a first dog. I've done weeks of research so I think I've got a grip on all the drawbacks but I wanted to dig deeper into a few of them. The first one has to do with space. I know having a backyard is ideal for owning a husky but I'm a city dweller. My apartment is two stories and pretty well sized for an apartment but it's still an apartment. There's a dog park less than ten minutes away that I'd be more than happy to take him to twice a day. But at the end of the day, is it cruel/overly-difficult to have a husky in an apartment? Reason enough to abandon the idea? The second thing is I have a 2 year old cat who is more curious than afraid of dogs. I know sibes have high prey drives but since I'm looking to get a puppy, I'm hoping I could have some success raising him up alongside her. Separating them when I'm not around is something I intend to do for the first few months but don't particularly want to do for the next ten years. I've read a few success stories and some tragic ending stories. Can anyone with both a husky/cat weigh on if it was worth it/tips for making it work in the beginning? I know some owners with both have spaces in their homes that only the cat can access. I don't have this - is that reason enough to abandon the idea? People talk about huskies being hard to train and not doing things they don't want to do. I intend to start out with crate training and some work with professional trainers just to get my new pup house-trained and walking well on a leash. But beyond that, can I get a little more insight on this 'hard to train' badge? I don't plan on teaching my dog to shake hands or stand up, but I also don't want him ignoring basic commands like stop when he's nipping at someone's heels. And then my last question has to do with being off leash. I'm not trying to trigger the debate because I've accepted what the majority of experienced owners say about it being a solid no-no. My question is aimed more at dog owners who also have/had other breeds of dogs. Do you find not being able to go off leash is a big drawback? I live in the city but also have a place upstate with an unfenced backyard where I pictured exercising/playing with my dog. Do you feel there's a notable difference while exercising/playing with your dogs who are able to go off leash vs the husky who can't? Not sure how couth it is to talk about mixed breeds on here, but any aussie-husky owners on here find any luck training their dog off leash? I know personality traits of mixed breeds can't be accurately predicted, but in general do aussie-husky owners find their dogs less eager to bolt, more eager to please their owners than purebred huskies? Anyway, thanks in advance for any and all help!
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