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  1. Yes, my parents let her out for a good portion of the time that I am away, just not all of it. I have also talked to my track coach and she is considering letting me bring her up to practice with me so that she can interact with the other kids. I will be certifying her to be a Medical Alert Dog (going to medical school for surgery and would like to have her as a 'helper'). The back of the bag says for her age group to give her 1 1/2 - 2 cups, so I give her one cup in the morning and one at night. She also has a tendency to get into the older dog's bowl when the older one isn't looking. She has gotten her first round of shots, but not her deworming ones yet. She will be getting those soon! Of course, thank you!
  2. She is currently about 12 weeks old. She gets trained sometimes when I am away (the trainer is good friends with my parents and interacts with her be it I'm there or not). She is kenneled inside until she is housebroken, and from then she will either be inside, outside with a dog house and fence, or left to roam and play with the other dog. She chews on anything that fits in her mouth at this point. Can't leave her alone for even a second before pulling something out of her mouth haha. With this training I'm hoping that I'll be able to get her certified and be able to take her to classes with me in college, but if they decide that, because I don't need her (I have no medical reason, I'll be pulling and education card), I can't how do I train her to be home for a couple hours without getting so bored?
  3. Hello! My name is Amber and I just recently got my first husky Levushka. I have had Chow Chows in the past and decided on a husky because I will be moving out of my parent's house soon and wished to take a companion. However, I'm a bit worried about her at times. I'm taking an internship with a dog trainer to get her trained as a service dog, but, due to school and sports, I don't know if I got her at the wrong time. I have about two more months until school ends and my trainer insists that when I'm not home she should be kenneled. With college I understand this, however, with high school, I HAVE to be gone for 8 hours (plus two hours for track!) even on the days I don't have class (the majority of my schedule is college courses). Every day I try to play with her as much as possible yet yesterday she started acting up. Is this because I'm not home enough? Or is this just because she's becoming a little more independent now that she is comfortable in the house? I was hoping that she would use this time to sleep as puppies need a lot of sleep, and my parents are there to take her potty and make sure she has water (I only feed her at 6 am before school and 6 pm when I eat dinner) but... I don't know. She continuously cries in her kennel while I'm gone (she's good as long as I am in the room) and when she plays she bites. Hard. Should I do something to make her more independent? Am I not exercising her enough? How can I keep her from biting so hard? I'm afraid my younger siblings will try to play with her and get hurt.
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