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  1. Twice a day, everyday. Usually from 6-7 am and 6:30-7 pm.
  2. She's 14 months of age, sorry if I wasn't clear enough. She's very active and acts like any ordinary husky when we take her out for long walks (which we do 3-4 days a week). It's when we come back from walks that she is obsessed with drinking lots of water, but normally she doesn't drink a lot of water. She has never loved her food but only in the last two months was she this fussy. I have to put her on the lead and take her outside and feed her a cat and dry food mix. Her eating hasn't improved by much though. She's also desexed so I don't think that affects her. Thanks anyway. She's 14 months of age, sorry if I wasn't clear enough.
  3. My husky Kira (who's one and a bit months) also refuses to eat. We've tried changing the foods, food routine etc, but she refuses to eat. She liked fish (cat food style) mix with dry food but she has gone off that as well. This is my first time on the website and I'm hoping that I can learn what is stopping Kira from eating. Any advice? EDIT: I took her to the vet yesterday and she had an obstruction, as well as shafts of plastic lodged in her tongue (how, I have no idea). Today we've kept her inside and given her a bowl of wet dog food with some antibiotics or something. She is eating better than before and I hope that it will continue to improve. Thanks for the really helpful advice.
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