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  1. Thanks for the advice guys I’ll take a look at your recommendations 🤗 x
  2. Hi, I’m looking to start introducing my 6 months old pups to a raw food diet. Can anybody recommend a good quality supplier that serves the Leeds area? 😊
  3. There’s definitely room for growing into 😂😂 xx
  4. My family and I have a brother and sister and we’ve found it surprising easy (i’m Sure it won’t last haha as they’re only 15 weeks). They are very content together however we make sure that we spend quality time with each on a regular basis! Training is going well and it’s lovely to see their different personalities developing! She’s definitely the boss ha ha but he’s also protective when we’re out in public! It’s the best thing we ever did 😊
  5. We’ll see far so good but............. that’s because we only have little Dakota (the brown one) at the moment, she’s doing fab with the basics, but shes 9 weeks so it’s still early days haha! Alpha is her brother and he’s joining our pack next week at 10 weeks 😊. It wasn’t originally planned that we’d have 2 pups at once, however it was love at first sight when we met Aplha in the early days and it was a tough choice between them! Anyway my husband chose Dakota haha, so when our breeder was sadly let down by Alphas new owners we said we’d love to take him! Let the fun times begin!!
  6. They’re absolutely beautiful!! I’ve got double trouble as well haha we’re in for a fun time 😂 x
  7. It’s seemed like a long wait but Dakota’s finally here. She is our family’s first husky but we’ve done lots of research so hopefully we’re prepared as much as possible 😊 but I’m definitely expecting a fun/challenging few months (years ha) Quite interesting when we first viewed her she was black she’s now seems to be a lovely brown colour!! We absolutely don’t mind either way though and look forward to see the different changes whilst she’s growing 😄
  8. Dakota waiting patiently until she can come live with her new family
  9. Hi, I received my Safe Snap Police Lead and Vari-fit harness today, can somebody please share a pic on how to use the lead correctly with a harness! I just want to make sure it’s all set up right 😂 xx
  10. Hi All, Just wanted to say a quick hello and introduce Dakota to the forums! She’s still with her mum at the moment but will be joining our family mid March
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