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  1. Maliks wont let his new toy go, puts it in his dish and eats around it.
  2. Yes got papers from breeder saying dog was already de wormed.
  3. Del boy

    Pet insurance

    Eh Grandad the dog is Malik it's owner is Del Boy....Duh!!!!
  4. Thanks guys give Malik 3 cups of Royal Canin dry food, but as I say he is looking for treats no every time he does the toilet outside whether it's a number 1 or 2.
  5. Del boy

    Pet insurance

    Can anyone put us in the right direction regarding pet insurance.I have a 16 week Husky and I want to know what kind of things that I would like included in the cover.Wouldnt like anything to happen to the wee chap then the insurance company tells me that it's no covered.thanks
  6. Hi folks just a bit of help.we have had our 15 week pup for just over a week now and since we have had him home he has always had loose movements when going for a number 2. Keep him on the dry food only, treat him when he toilets outside as in the process of getting him off pads. Tried him on chicken and rice last week.
  7. Hi can anyone help? I have a 12 week old pup I take him out for his walk, he does a pee, but when he returns home he poops on his mat.Its as if he is holding it in WHY? How do I train him to poop outside? Do I remove his pad from inside the house.
  8. Hi folks got my Malik last Wednesday at 11 weeks.He has some basic training like pee on mat and thought we had the number 2's under control, tend to wait a bit after he is fed take him out for a walk, run about and sniff, when we get home he poo's in house ( no the training mat ) WHY WHY WHY.!!!
  9. Malik chilling on bed.( Just as well wife is at work) she would go nuts for him on bed lol. " DON'T EVER TELL ME TO GET OFF THE BED" OK!!!
  10. What about Yumega? Is this good for my pups coat.
  11. Started Malik on Royal Canin dry food, is this food ok ?
  12. Just got Malik on Wednesday he is 11 weeks old. Can anyone recommnd anything to keep his coat, skin etc in good condition

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