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  1. Thank You! I shall hope for the best and try to avoid accidents
  2. Two days ago when I was walking my husky another person was passing by with her golden retriver. It was 4 yo old golden retriver and my puppy started preying on her and scared her.. It made me think about their prey drive and what could happen in the future and how should I deal with it, and if it's safe to be off leash when other animals are around.. What's your experience with husky's prey drive if you had one , and how did you deal with it?
  3. Yeah, I know husky's are not supposed to be shaved and that their double coat protects them. It's just that I hear from people around talking how husky's should be shaved cause they are gonna be extremly hot under their coat in the summer. I'm not going to shave mine, just to clarify that! Thanks for all the response tho D:
  4. What are your opinions on shaving your Husky? Some are for and some are against it. What about you?
  5. We are facing the same problem.. My Ace pees and poops wherever he gets inside the house. I started picking him up and taking him outside when he makes a number 2 pose. He were outside for an hour waiting for him to poop and he still didn’t. The moment we got inside the apartment he pooped on the floor. Some of the owners told me to take his poop and take it outside, so he smells it and starts doing it there? I guess it takes time and work to teach them where it’s okay to do their business 😅😅😅
  6. Hahaha, it's good that she learned We also got puppy pads, it worked the first 2-3 days then he started ripping them
  7. We don't spend 2 hours just walking, he plays, does zoomies, etc.. How should I teach him where to potty.. I found a few sites that say you should take your dog out, ignore him and give him a treat and start playing with him after he does potty... But he just won't do it when outside.. I tried talking with my friends who are also dog owners but they didn't have such problem, their puppies didnt have much accidents and learned quickly to ask to go out when they need to do it.. Thank you for your reply and I'm sorry for bothering you.
  8. Hello everyone, I have a little puppy that is 12 weeks old. He has been living with us 4 weeks now. We have a problem with potty training. He keeps doing it in the house. After eating we would take him for a walk to finish his bussines and play, we spend like 2 hours outside and he doesn't potty there, he does it 5 minites after we get home. Every time.. If someone can give some advice, it would mean a lot..
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