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  1. Hello everyone 👋🏻👋🏻 and thank you for adding me to the group. Maya was my son’s dog and he got her at 8 weeks. At the time he got her he also had a German Shepherd(Max) so she had a playmate. Unfortunately the GS had to be put down as he was old and in pain.😥 After Max was gone her behavior totally changed. Started tearing things up, going potty in house. He wasn’t home enough to give her the proper attention thus the behavior problems. She is now a year old and I have had her since November. I also have a border collie/Shepherd mix (Maggie) who is 4 years old. They get along well but there are times they get into it big time and has to be separated. Five minutes later they are best friends again. We live in Virginia on a farm (no animals) with 150 acres. In the late 90’s and early 2000 I had a German Shepherd Husky mix so I know the hard head and stubbornness of them. I recently had Maya spayed as I had no desire for the coyotes to come and mate😳. She is a sweetheart and very loving❤️❤️ and I wouldn’t giver her up for the world. You can tell she is a lot happier here. I also have a 95 year old mother that has severe dementia 😢that lives with us. She loves both dogs even though she can’t remember their names😂.
  2. I wouldn’t think so as she never goes outside by herself as Maggie is with her and her crate is in our bedroom and she can see us.
  3. Okay now I have another problem with her. She is crate trained and all of a sudden she is now barking, whining to be let out after she eats her treat and we are settled down to sleep. She has her own crate and Maggie has hers and they both sleep in our room. I tried putting a blanket over her crate but she wanted nothing to do with it at first. I had to raise one side so she could see me but not Maggie. She finally settled down after a while. Maggie gets a kong with peanut butter and I tried that with Maya and she eats the kong itself. She doesn’t seem real thrilled about it. So I usually give her two large milk bones and she seems satisfied with those. Just can’t figure out why all of a sudden she acts like this.
  4. Thank you all so much. As far as being tied only she is as Maggie knows her boundaries. The couples of times she got lose she went running and I liked to never got her home. They play outside and she has a 80 ft lead. We live in a rural area and have 150 acres it’s hard for me to walk them right now as I have my 95 year old mother that lives with us. She has dementia end stage and can’t be left alone 😢. As far as I can tell nothing spooked her as I can watch them from my family room. She was fine when she came in and then decided later that nope I ain’t going out anymore. I will give her credit as she hasn’t done anything in the house. She seems a bit better today as she actually went to the door and she went out willingly but other than that she still fights it
  5. That’s very possible. I just hate to shove her out while she is fighting not to go out.
  6. Hi everyone 👋🏻 i am so glad that I found this site. I have a dilemma that I can’t figure out. Maya is a year old and all of a sudden she won’t go out to potty. I also have a border collie/german shepherd. This just started yesterday and before she would run to the door to go out with Maggie (other dog), now she refuses to go out. I do have to tie her as our yard is not fenced and she never minded before. She hasn’t been left out in the rain or anything like that. I finally had to just push her out. Once she’s out she’s okay. Help!!! Any suggestions??
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