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  1. Thanks everyone for their input! We'll keep persevering and everything. We probably are a bit impatient with it only being into week 3 after adoption.
  2. Yeah, the unknown of his previous experience with crates/previous owner(s) is something we thought about too. We'll consider giving food outside the crate, but the problem is just getting him into the crate. We can certainly try treats but he's really reluctant to go in at all. That's sorta how we ended up with putting food in the cage.
  3. Hi! Thanks for the response! Yeah, unfortunately we're afraid that we jumped the gun with putting him in the crate so quickly. We really only put him in the crate when we go to sleep at night. We are starting to slowly re-introduce the crate to him during the day at small but increasing intervals. As for the toys, that's a good point, but at the same time, he's pretty much shown zero interest in toys; he's maybe sniffed them once and never really touched them again. We do have a kong for him, but again, he seems completely disinterested in it. We can try to put some peanut butter with it too. And I see your point about the no food in the crate, but I've also read a bunch of time that having food there may help him associate the crate with some positive (e.g. food)? Unfortunately, at this point, he seems very reluctant to go inside the crate or anywhere near it really without putting food/treats in there
  4. My girlfriend and I recently adopted ~2 year old husky and we're noticing some pretty bad anxiety issues with the crate. We've only had him for about 2 weeks and we do feel like we messed up the initial crate training (we gently pushed him into the crate the first time). Ever since, he's been more and more reluctant at going inside the crate. At night, he's starting to pace a lot more and whine more and louder as well. What we've tried to do and have tried to do: 1) Giving lots of praise and treats when he goes near or into the crate 2) Giving his food/water inside the crate. This step we've off and on either closed or locked the door behind him as well to help get him used to it while we're still in sight. 3) We put all his toys and everything inside the crate with him as well. But unfortunately, he's seemed to learn at this point that food inside the crate is bad because he's extremely reluctant to go inside the crate completely. Even during normal feeding times, he'll only put in his front two paws. As for the praise and toys, he appears to be completely uninterested in both of those; he barely plays with the toys we got him and seems unfazed when we try to praise at all. So at this point, we're at a loss. We feel awful for our dog that he sounds to be in a great deal of anxiety/distress when he's in the crate. And we do have a feeling that we crate trained him wrong at this point. We're just out of ideas on how to get him to better associate the crate with positivity.

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