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  1. thanks so much it was just a shock to see bald spots skins healthy. I went out an got her the best puppy chow i could find and some vitamins. I plan on going to our local fresh fish market and getting blue fish for the oils for all of them, now she gets a double serving.. thanks all I just cant handle the idea of her being ill.. Shes still bright and loving as ever
  2. help my dog skylar is losing Alot of hair to the point of bald spots, I did call my vet they said its normal. That i have to bump up her fatty foods. Im still afraid. has anyone experienced this
  3. When we get home they run to the door to go out.. Then after they run at us and jump and talk and just want love.. then they play and fight outside for some time..
  4. Its so sad that this happens. I dont understand how people can be so heartless; I lost 2 in october by bus. so I am glad that this guy was found.
  5. I have heard this as well and upon researching the breed that he has the dogs that he has tend to have an aggressive nature; and if not corrected right away in it can fester. I had a pitt and had no issues but I do know that they are very territorial and need to be monitored closely. that is true with the huskies; that is why im taking a few days off work to monitor them. with the fact that i have 2 already when the 2 come in they will not be able to have a dominance in the house hold; they will be picked on that is the pack mentality.
  6. my boy rules in the house and girl kicks butt outside. well see how it goes.. I love the breed and will never have another type the two that share the crate have no issues at all. they get along with all dogs and humans. when they were apart they were good. I walk them together and separate no issues. i take one with me on trips the other is fine. I have spoken to a trainer and said its ok if there becomes aggression or emotional issues then address it. I had 2 before and they would purposely sleep in the same kennel. also the kennel that i have is HUGE set up to handle 2 alaskins... so it takes up my entire back room.. most nights its open so they can move about..I have a baby gate set up to keep them out of the main house. the two im getting next week will have separate puppy crates. and will be trained with k9 off leash training like the 2 i currently have
  7. thank you so much, I'll keep you all updated. I love huskies and my drive is going to suck
  8. what I'm going to do is get them both right off and see how they both fit into my pack.. with the fact that i have 2 already established i have read that with the husky being a pack animal that the male will rule and the girls with establish themselves and then follow what the male does.. my big man, lars, adores me and will sit in my lap if i am on the floor. I am a force when it comes to dogs. My child also knows the dos and don'ts of huskies. so well see how it goes... I am going to crate them separately. and I'm taking off work to bond with them alone. I've had huskies before and with them being pack animals it seems that they tend to do better with groups with my house. Idk well see all i know is that both are cute as can be.. and i also don't take junk when it comes to tudes from dogs.. I had 2 dobermans the same time and had no issues. my 2 current huskies sleep in the same crate, they don't have any issues with being separated. but i will work my best before I have to rehome.
  9. the thing is i have 2 already one is 6 mo and the other is 5mo i got them one month apart from 2 different breeders and they are both very outgoing to humans and love us.. with reading up on this stiff it seems like your not supposed to do this at all because they are not going to bond with people.
  10. I currently have 2 Siberian huskies. a woolly white male 6 months old and a 5 month old aguti female, my husband and I were thinking of getting another one to add to the pack. We have found a breeder in Ohio and she has 2 females that she is trying to re-home for a great price, my husband said to get both of them because its the last two and it would be sad to leave the one alone, I promptly said OK and made the proper arrangements. after speaking to a few people they advised me that 4 is a lot, I do agree that 4 is a big amount of dogs, but Husky owners know they are like chips cant just have one. So my question is this how many is too many huskies to have? am I biting off more than i can chew with getting the 2?
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