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  1. Thank you, Skyla is beautiful! Unfortunately I dont have any pictures of her parents. And since mine doesnt have the beautiful blue husky eyes, she looks very Samoyed. But she does look a lot like Skyla! Here she is, dirty from playing in a puddle, with an actual samoyed we found at the dog park.
  2. Hello, We recently got a new puppy. She is 10 weeks old and about 18 pounds. (She's a big girl!) When we got her, we got a chance to see her parents. Her father was a beautiful 100lb boy and mom was about 80. From what I've read, these are not average sizes for huskies... They definitely looked like huskies and weren't malamutes but it was at dark out when we picked her up... She looks really close to a Samoyed since she's all white but if you guys could show me pictures of your white fluffy puppies I'd greatly appreciate it.
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