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  1. Thank you for the response! I was thinking that too, I was just afraid he might be getting aggressive. You're right! It's only been about 3 months of us being together. But yeah we most likely need more time together. He is our first husky we have, so a little inexperienced. Thanks for the great tip! I'll definitely get more creative for him!
  2. Thank you guys for the response! I would like to refrain from any physical unless he is really bad to the point that I can't get his attention. I also feel really bad with the tying him onto the door for "time out", is there a better way? Today, I have tried to say "No" sternly, but it seems to have agitated him more and he started to bark back at me (and he isn't a barker either!). After I say "No!" he would stop, look me in the eye, hesitate a bit and then start barking at me. I would usually try to calm him down and get his mind to do something else. On another note, today he actually did the same "biting action again" and he didn't pierce but he did bruise me, and there is a bruis in my arm. Not sure what else to do now, since he started Barking back..? Any tips?
  3. Usually, I take him to the Tennis Courts and I'd let him roam and run. And I'll either walk around the court for exercise or run. And He'll just come running at me-and trying to bump into me or run at me bump and try to bite my arm. Ahh! Hmm I'm not sure what else to do. I usually try to pretend it hurts and yelp, or say Stop or No. I've even put him on a "time out" when it gets too excessive at home-by leashing him to the door to let him calm down. But it's mostly when we play at the Tennis courts. Do you have any suggestions on what I can do to make it more strict?
  4. Hello everyone! My girlfriend and I just recently adopted a Husky about 4 years old, Neutered Adult Husky; 2 months ago. Recently, he started to nibble and is getting more active with his teeth/mouth. He started with nibbling on my girlfriend's clothes about 2 weeks ago, as if he is trying to rip her shirt Also when we play with each other, he is now starting to make a "biting action". He would run towards me, open his mouth and act as if he is trying to bite my arms/hands. Usually, I would retract before there is a long enough contact for him to bite. I'm confused on why he's acting this way and I want to teach him stop to prevent any accidents in the future. Can anyone give me any insight or experiences similar? Thank you
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