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    Welcome 😁 mika is Gorgeous!!!! Love that last pic with the little floppy ear 🤗. We are also first time husky owners and not regretted doing it at all! Our boy is almost 8 months now. Hope your enjoying the new addition 🐶
  2. Aww such a cutie, RIP 😔
  3. Finally had a bit of snow in Scotland and Logan is loving life! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 ⛄️ ❄️ 😍 https://youtu.be/ZOjwsTNkDFce
  4. HI, l wouldn’t let your neighbour stress you out with this. your neighbour is being ridiculous. if their child has an allergy that is not your fault. As long as you are cleaning up after your dogs and they aren’t jumping all over the child when you see them then there isn’t anything further you need to do. I also live in Scotland, unless your dog is being aggressive or mistreated you can’t be forced to give them up. As are renting as long as you have approval from the landlord to have your pets in the home you are fine. If not and they complain to the landlord that would be an issue of course. Ultimately it’s a shared area and it isn’t an area that they would be spending a sufficient amount of time in so it’s really silly they think they’d can just demand you to get rid of your dogs. I’d highly doubt it is even your dogs affecting the child if it’s been a year and no issue. have you spoken to your landlord yet? I know it’s been a few days since you posted this.
  5. Thanks for all the welcomes people 😁 PAulG Thanks for the advice, we only let him off lead in fully fenced in areas like the park we took that picture in. I read so many horror stories before getting a husky I’d be too scared to let him off if he had any way of getting out . this is a topic I found hard to imbed in my boyfriends head at the start as he is very laid back and kept saying he’ll be fine. Luckily he is now on side after Logan escaped from the garden and put us into panic mode. Luckily a neighbour found him before he got into any trouble or hurt!
  6. Hey everyone, newbie to the site and thought I’d show off my adorable 7 month old husky Logan. My boyfriends and I are first time husky owners and I can honestly say we have never regretted a second of it 😍😁 - Jen
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