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  1. I’ve noticed that my husky Bailey (white with black spots) doesn’t have a full thick coat where as my other husky Nala (black) has a very thick fluffy coat like other huskies I’ve seen. She is 11 months old. Will she maybe develop it more as she gets older? She is also taller and a lot skinnier than my other
  2. My huskies love to swim, but hate baths. I found that putting some peanut butter on the wall will help distract them while you wash them. It works wonder for me!
  3. My girl Nala is almost 9 months old and is very short. Shes about 18 inches to her shoulder. Its weird because she’s very long and filled out like everything else is growing except her height. I have another female 4 months old who is the same height as Nala. Could she possibly grow a few more inches??
  4. Hi this is my first husky and im concerned if she's not growing right. She's almost 5 months old and she seems a lot smaller than other huskies I've seen. She's gets fed 3 times a day and is about 20 lbs
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