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  1. My brother just picked up his new husky puppy today and her ears are floppy she is only 7 weeks but the other 6 of the litter the ears are all up I got a 8 week up puppy as well and her ears are also up and so was the whole litter as well I thought the ears are normally up by the 7 week stage are all all puppy different I will post a pic as well to show you she also has two different eyes one blue the other half blue and half brown Sent from my [device_name] using http://Husky Owners mobile app
  2. OK I will give that a try so is it best to let her cry all night
  3. Hi got my puppy 2 days ago and trying to crate train her I am struggling during the nights with her as she crys all night some times I sit next to her cage to settle her down then I leave once she is laying down again or should I just leave her to it apart from letting her out to toilet she has a blanket toys and I also feed all her meals in there during the day she isn't to bad during the day as I always put her in there when she is asleep but the night time she is a nightmare any tips would be great thank you
  4. Thank you Yes that's the one I was confused about adult weight how do I know if I am underfeeding her
  5. Hi I got my puppy yesterday and she is a 8 week old bitch it was on pedigree food so I went out and bought james wellbeloved dry food today I know you have to wean them on to the new food but my question is once she is completey on wellbeloved how many grams should I be giving her as the packaging doesn't make any sense to me
  6. Not sure how long she had it for but a few days ago I was messaging the breeder and she said she come off wet food as it gave her a bad stomach and only giving her dry food made her poo harder but once I picked her up today she said give her wet and dry food
  7. Hi just got my new puppy today the the owners previous put her on pedigree puppy biscuits and pedigree puppy wet food and she has got bad diarrhoea what is the best food to put her on should she be on dry and wet food mixed thanks for any help
  8. Hi I am picking my husky up this Friday she will be 8 weeks and want to order one of these juluis k9 harness and want to know does anybody know what size I should be ordering Thanks
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