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  1. Lexi our former Husky slept mostly on the floor. She never did tear up bedding. She tried sleeping with us in our bed, but heaven help you if you bumped her with your foot. What a grouchy sleeper. In her later years, we cut up an old 3" memory foam mattress topper, covered it with a sheet. This was on the floor by our door. She always slept so she could watch down the hall way. Our newest member, Lola sleeps with us, and is very good about sharing the bed space. We did get her to sleep on a dog bed the first night, but that was the only time she did sleep there. That bed is in the car on the back seat now. I suspect as she gets older, she will sleep on the floor more.
  2. Lola, FINALLY worn out after three long walks through the woods, augmented by hours of play time in the house! Phew!
  3. Did you wake that poor Husky up to get a picture? What a good looking Husky.
  4. Thank you all for the kind words and welcomes. The picture of Lexi was when she was in her prime. I have to admit that she taught me so much about what is required to keep a Husky happy. If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't be able to have gotten Lola. After Lexi passed, I met with our vet, a remarkable lady. I returned the Chinese herbals Lexi was taking to help her issues. Our vet practices traditional vet medicine, plus is schooled in Chinese medicine and acupuncture. I told her that if she came across another mixed black and white Husky I would consider having another companion. She called about two months later, said that she knew of a Husky that needed a loving home. She knew how well I took care of my friends, and said Lola needed a good home. She wanted to make sure I was ready so soon. I told her we would like to meet Lola and see if she would fit into our "pack". Well, the third owners brought her over, and she and I were ready for each other. The first week, she was very timid, and I noticed she did not like work gloves. I believe she was mis-treated by the second owner, because she cowered when I showed them to her. Lexi and Ralph, the companion before Lexi loved the gloves. It meant serious play time where they were allowed to get their aggression out. It took two weeks to get her to realize she could play with me wearing gloves, and now she has fun trying to take my hand away with her. When we got Lola, she weighed 40 pounds and was skinny. The picture of her is after her first week. After the second week, I took her back to our Vet for a wellness checkup. Our Vet said she looked great, and did have concerns over how skinny she was at first. Well, Lola grew noticeably during her first two weeks with us, and went from 40 pounds to 54 pounds! No fat, just growth and good food. She is getting comfortable with her new home, and walks around with that Husky smile on her face more and more. Sure is good to see. Sorry for the length of the reply, lastly, I am writing a book about Lexi. A more remarkable soul she was. We still miss her and that decision to have her put to sleep was the most difficult decision I have ever had to make. She was also a 113 pound lap dog.
  5. Found this forum while searching for Huskies chewing on wood.\ We lost out 13+ year old Siberian Husky mix Lexi to bone cancer the beginning of this October. Our Vet called three weeks ago, asking if we would be open to adopting a year old Husky. We are now the proud friend of a wonderful Husky, Lola. We are her fourth home in a year, and she is a keeper. People just don't understand how much energy they have or how to help them mature. They are truelu wonderful companions.
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