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  1. My sibe is hairy Houdini. I have 6ft fencing yet he still gets out. I continually fix the fence plus wire it up in front of the fence plus huge rocks in front so he cant dig. He gets plenty of exercise my hobby is long distance walking. It's not a boredom issue either. I think he escapes as I live in a rural area we have livestock around us plus a lot of wildlife. I know Huskies are escape artists but mine is a professional escape artist! As soon as I fix one escape route he will find another. He got out the other day and came back out of breath I checked him for blood mainly as we have sheep , geese hens etc nearby. I'm wondering how others in the UK have combatted this problem. Someone did mention electric fencing. I think it sounds cruel however if he gets into the sheep field he could get shot. Alternatively he could get run over. No amount of securing the fence is keeping him in.
  2. My husky is well excercised. However he escaped again tonight. He went through the fence. What bothered me is he would not come back. It was an utter nightmare. I live in a rural area thankfully he didn't get in with any livestock there is sheep next to my house. I'm resecuring the fence tomorrow again. The issue that bothers me is he wouldn't come back. Luckily it was 1am and I suspect it was deer that enticed him to escape. There were no cars on the road and I was like the proverbial village idiot trying to catch him. I ran away from him that's how I caught him in the end. Hes 18 month and it's really bothered me that he would not come back at all. Any advice.
  3. Yes I told relatives not to let him jump up they have learned the 65 pound hard way lol.
  4. I give him a lot of excercise. He has a 50ft leash and I live in a rural area so he's getting good long walks . I take him up on the Moors at the weekend for good 10 mile walks . He's good on commands except jumping up at other dogs and people. He also goes off leash when a book the parkour. I can't run lol but have got a scooter as I'm waiting until he's 18 month before I run him on that. He is a lot more hyper than other huskies I meet plus bigger he's tall and lean probably as he's well excercised. I don't want him jumping up even though it's out of friendlyness as it's bad. Plus he's very strong to hold back.
  5. All dogs play my 12 year old still has puppy moments. A husky owner I bumped into this other day said hers calmed down a lot at around 2 years old. This is when they have finished growing so I'm presuming age 2 ?
  6. Hi, My boy is now 15 month old he's very boisterous which the I realise the breed is. I take him out on two long walks every day rain or shine , morning and night. On a weekend I do longer walks on the hills and Moors. When I meet other dogs he's a hyper idiot. Even other huskies are calm when they meet him but he's straight up jumping all over them . I've been told he will calm down. At what age did your husky start to grow up. He has been nuetered.
  7. Don't worry about weight. My boy was over 60 pound months ago he was always small then suddenly a growth spurt at 12 month. Females are smaller than males. As long as you have a healthy dog that's all that matters.
  8. You can't really tell when they are so young. My pup was small too he's big now, tall and lean. The only way to truly tell is a DNA test. I did one out of curiosity and mine came back Siberian Husky X malamute.
  9. I use a metal comb. I don't like the furminator they drag and break hair off.
  10. Introduce them slowly and just keep an eye on them when they play as huskies can be rough. I have a chihuahua and my husky is fine with him. My chihuahua is the boss. To be honest if be more worried about the chihuahua as they are little lions.
  11. I know, I've got someone coming to lay turf soon. He has to level garden god knows what will pop up.
  12. We have had to change some of our door handles due to my dog opening them. We have put the olde fashioned door knobs on rather than handles. We've also put some locks on doors.
  13. He will Bury whether he's hungry or not. I gave him some tripe he went off and buried it, 5 minutes later dug it up and ate it.
  14. My sibe since he was a puppy has buried his food and bones etc. I know dogs do this. However he does it daily. If I'm out hiking and give him some meat out my sandwich he buries it on route. The foot in the garden from he will dig up when he's ready and bring it in the house. The cat brought a dead mouse home the dog got it and he buried it in the garden. I had to wait til he finished and go back and dig it up to put it in the bin. I gave him the left over beef from last Sundays roast it's somewhere buried in the garden til he redigs it up. Is anyone else's sibe a prolific burier.
  15. My sibes ears were floppy as a pup. I think the muscles have to develop. If in doubt there are dog DNA tests. I was unsure with mine the DNA came back a pure siberian Husky with a pure Alaskan Malamute. It makes no difference to me but his behaviour wasn't typical husky so I got a DNA.
  16. I would get her checked in case she has a kidney infection. Female dogs in general take longer to house train. All the female dogs I've had have always took a long time to house train. I'd go back to basics with puppy pads etc. Don't scold her for doing it on the bed or she will start to do a sneaky pee. White wine vinegar help neutralise smells.
  17. Thanks Maz for all the information😁. I've been working him up and building up walks and my hobby is walking and hiking so huskies are perfect hiking buddies. I walk all weather wind rain just not in the heat. I think he will enjoy a run out now and again with the scooter.
  18. Maz thanks for the info I do 14 mile walks regular with him now. I use gloves as I live in a rural area and walk him on 50 ft leash and he's clever at going after pheasants and hare so I get rope burns. If when you have the time a photo of your rig would be helpful. I do have a walking belt which the suicide line might attach too? I use the belt hiking its a well padded one for Huskies. I only have one husky so its an extra form of excercise for him. Currently he gets two good walks a day unless I'm off out for a long walk on the moors. I bought some mushers secret wax ready for winter. He likes to run but I'm not a runner hence the scooter.
  19. Thanks for the info. I'm wondering how to hook the secondary line up. I know one is from scooter to dog but how does the second line work. Unfortunately there are no clubs up near me in the North. I won't be ru ning him on the hard as I know it's bad for paws. I'm I getting a go pro mainly for safety.
  20. Hi, Learning my boy the commands just got myself a great second hand scooter. When I'm looking at the rig and Google there is lots of contradictions on it. I would like some advice from someone who does use a scooter to excercise their sibe. What's the length of the line recommended please. I do have a 6ft long bungee leash plus harness which is a husky harness. Is 6ft leash long enough or would I need to attach this to a longer gangline.
  21. My boy is 12 month old now. He's been clingy. He's had no issues sleeping downstairs before. The last two nights we've had little sleep as he's been at the bottom of the stairs whimpering in a pathetic whine. I won't allow him upstairs to sleep and never have. I feel as though it's an attention cry. He's well excercise fed watered and let out in the garden pre bed time. I ignored him whimpering after I went down stairs to check everything is OK. I didn't pet him or acknowledge him etc. This is because I don't wish to reward him for whimpering. He has kept me awake the last two nights. He's not my only dog but he is such a big baby any ideas to stop the wimpering. I won't crate him..
  22. I only let mine off in a secure enclosed dog park. Funnily enough it's the people have never owned a husky that's will argue they should be off leash. No way will I let mine off. He has a strong prey drive the minute he's got a scent he goes crazy.
  23. If you have not got pedigree papers the only way to be sure is a dog DNA test. I did one on my dog as I wasn't sure about him. He came back pure bred husky with pure bred malamute. He looks a lot like a husky but he's not.
  24. Maybe the fall in huskies are because people get them on looks and don't realise they are dogs that need a lot of excercise. Refuges are full of huskies. They are not a dog suitable for a street house and a quick walk around the block. Hopefully any drop is because it's a drop in the wrong type of people getting them.
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