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    I am a huge animal lover. My hobbies are hiking and walking no matter what the weather. I walk miles. I have 4 dogs one is a husky. I have had dogs all my life but its my first husky.
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  1. My boy is 12 month old now. He's been clingy. He's had no issues sleeping downstairs before. The last two nights we've had little sleep as he's been at the bottom of the stairs whimpering in a pathetic whine. I won't allow him upstairs to sleep and never have. I feel as though it's an attention cry. He's well excercise fed watered and let out in the garden pre bed time. I ignored him whimpering after I went down stairs to check everything is OK. I didn't pet him or acknowledge him etc. This is because I don't wish to reward him for whimpering. He has kept me awake the last two nights. He's not my only dog but he is such a big baby any ideas to stop the wimpering. I won't crate him..
  2. I only let mine off in a secure enclosed dog park. Funnily enough it's the people have never owned a husky that's will argue they should be off leash. No way will I let mine off. He has a strong prey drive the minute he's got a scent he goes crazy.
  3. If you have not got pedigree papers the only way to be sure is a dog DNA test. I did one on my dog as I wasn't sure about him. He came back pure bred husky with pure bred malamute. He looks a lot like a husky but he's not.
  4. Maybe the fall in huskies are because people get them on looks and don't realise they are dogs that need a lot of excercise. Refuges are full of huskies. They are not a dog suitable for a street house and a quick walk around the block.
  5. Timba fast asleep. I don't know how he is comfortable sleeping in this position but he does.
  6. He howls at police sirens, ambulance and mobile phones too. However he sits in the garden and howls at the moon.
  7. If its a full moon or cold weather is coming my boy sits and howls at the moon. I was wondering why he does this. I caught him the other night. I live in a rural area which is probably a good thing. He does not go on for hours so it's not boredom and I have other dogs. He does not sleep outside. I just wondered why he does it. VID_20181020_195926.mp4
  8. Maybe instead of just putting his food bowl down put his food in the bowl sit next to him and hand feed him it. Do this until he allows you near the bowl when he eats. I did this with my dog to stop any potential food aggression.
  9. Thank you 😍 I'm forever cleaning his nose marks off the door.
  10. I have never used a crate on any of my dogs and won't it's down to personal preference. I make sure my boy has two good walks a day. I have a 50 meter rope leash for walks. He has a laundry basket full of toys and he likes the large rawhide type bones that he chews on. I've left him on his own at night with the run of the downstairs but I have a safety gate. He's 12 month now. At 9 month he was a horror so I excercised more. I bought some bitter bite dog spray and sprayed it on things to stop chewing.
  11. We have this issue now and again. What type of area do you live. We live in a rural area and the local wildlife at dawn upset him. We have deer and rabbits that come to the bottom of the garden. I have a big patio door. I don't close the curtains as I know he would be pulling them down to get out so I'm considering a metal roller shutter. Maybe it's animals waking him.
  12. Update : I'm not in full trust of him yet. I took him for a walk this morning and left him home alone for an hour. Came home and he was OK asleep on the sofa. 😁 I will carry on with short spells and see how I progress. I have no intention of leaving him long spells but every now and again I have places to go and I can't take him.
  13. My boy is 11 month old. He is still very clingy. If ever I've gone out I've made sure there is always someone in with him. Regardless of anyone being in he howls and paces up and down for me. I would like to be able to go out sometimes without him in tow. I have other dogs but he is still clingy. I will not use a crate. He does sleep downstairs on a rug all night and howls for a bit while I go to bed then my husband goes to bed later. He gets plenty of excercise. In reality he should be growing out of the clingy Ness by now. Anyone else leave their sibe home alone for a couple of hours crate free and how did they get to this level.
  14. I will have a look for the DNA result apparently dog DNA tests can typically identify the majority breeds in a canine with great accuracy. If a dog has a purebred parent or grandparent, the results are highly ACCURATE. His came back purebred siberian husky which his mother was crossed with a pure bred Malamute. I'm working on the separation anxiety still.
  15. Thanks for that. Basically it depends where you go. Obviously I would not be using a public footpath or a road though I've seen a few videos of people on you tube. I can't see any issue where I live as I live in a rural area.

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