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    I am a huge animal lover. My hobbies are hiking and walking no matter what the weather. I walk miles. I have 4 dogs one is a husky. I have had dogs all my life but its my first husky.
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  1. No I have not got a Smarden dog but read the story and thankfully to people like yourself they will have a much better life. I think with my pup it's the lockdown element that's affected him. He has not been exposed to people or things when he was younger. What hasn't helped is rubbish in the press saying you can get coronavirus from dogs etc. I think the more people he sees the better he will get.
  2. @Markulous I have been slowly exposing him to more things and people. I don't force him into anything. He's slowly getting better. I've noticed its when people get too close. Today our bin men came for instance i walked past them no issue a huge result for him in my opinion. Your rescue is he one of the Smarden pups rescued . I read about them some where. Just out of curiosity.
  3. My pup is settling in well. Hes complete untrained. Hes a rescue. I'm exposing him to different areas on walks but he growls at people and barks. I think it's more of fear. Any ideas how to stop this behaviour. Hes got a real deep growl and scared people. I try the distraction method which he ignores and sometimes its impossible to walk another way.
  4. I have two huskamutes. Husky x malamutes. I've just adopted my second from a rescue. Mine is not socialised growls at people and other dogs. I use treat based training method and am gradually exposing him to new things. I've also managed to get a training class booked this week. He wont go in puppy class he will be going in junior. I'm taking him for socialisation aspect. UK training classes are restarting with limited numbers at the end of this month. I used training videos on YouTube by George Zak google and start from the beginning. My older huskamute is stubborn and fortunately will sell his sole for a treat. Use meat as a treat / reward. My new rescue is 22 kilo and 6.5 month old so is going to be a big boy hes scared of everything and everyone except me.
  5. Giardia is quite common so at least I have the answer and the solution. He should be ok in a few days. Thanks
  6. Thanks for the responses. I have been to the vet about the dioreah. My puppy has Giardia which is what is causing the dioreah. I've now got treatment and medication from the vet to treat the Giardia. I'm not getting into a raw versus dried debate everyone has their own preferences including my dogs. They are good quality dry foods out there that are holistic and grain free , potato free etc if people do the research. As for the dioreah Giardia is common in puppies and it was like brown water before I had even fed him at all.
  7. He had the squirts when I brought him home before he had been fed it is mentioned above. I have him on a high protein good quality dried food which I feed my other dogs without any issues. Its personal choice that I do not feed raw. I would have expected his squirts to have gone by now .
  8. I have a 7 month old. I have him on a kibble diet recommended for huskys. Hes had sloppy poo since I got him last week. It's been a long time since I had a pup. I do have a vet check booked. He was raw fed so he has had a food change but I would have expected his poop to firm up by now ? He loves his kibble. He get treats which are dried meat when I'm training him.
  9. I use liver lamb or pig. I buy it from supermarket and cook it in the oven. I cut it up in small pieces and store in the freezer.
  10. Thanks for info. Working on the toilet training. Hes gone outside and done his buisness all day. At night I'm putting a puppy pad down as I know a young pup cant hold it that long. Hes coming out of his shell slowly I have trained him sit with hand signal. Most the time hes doing it. The big issue I need to tackle is on walks he growls and barks at people he also barks and growls at dogs. I've tried to distract with treats hes not interested. Any help appreciated I know hes probably doing it out of fear but I dont want it to be a permanent thing.
  11. Thanks I'm not use to such a nervous dog. I'm trying to train him to come and sit. To no avail. He seems to be ok with me stroking him but growls at everyone else and is terrified. He has not been abused in any way but is fearful of everything.
  12. Just got a rescue pup. Hes very nervous, growling at me which I've never had that from a dog before. Hes really nervous knows no commands and very skittish not toilet trained. Nothing bad happened to him just a puppy thats been in refuge. I suspect due to lockdown its lack of socialisation which explains why he does not know how to walk on a leash. He seems to go on puppy pads but when I catch him about to go I try to tell him to go in garden ( not shouting) and try to get him to go in the garden to toilet but hes terrified. The same with commands . I'm trying to train him to sit hes terrified . Any advice to get him out of this fear. He gets on with my other dog they play rough at times. Obviously he needs time to settle in. Also due to diet change he now has diarrhoea. There is no puppy classes running as present for the socialisation aspect though he was with other dogs. I suspect hes not met many people.
  13. What company did you buy it from or what make is it please.
  14. They use them for horses and livestock This is what I'm looking at. I live in the UK I've seen some for sale however I would rather have a recommendation from someone who is on here to recommend one that works. I'm looking at putting it around the perimeter before the fence. This way he will not get to attack the fence to get out.
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