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  1. My 2 year old husky, Aura, is a very picky eater. She is already small to begin with (35-40 lbs). I have struggled to find a feeding routine she likes, but she still only eats 1.5 - 2 cups of food a day on a good day. I am still working on perfecting her diet, so I come here to ask for opinions on what other husky owners feed their picky eaters. What kind of supplements (if any) do you feed? Do you feed kibble, wet, raw, or a mixture? Raw is just not do-able for me, so I feed a mixture of mostly kibble, with some wet, or a food topping added. What I have been doing for a few weeks now is I will buy freeze dried treats in a variety of flavors (currently have salmon, whitefish, duck, lamb and chicken) and I will grind them up into a powder with a coffee grinder. I will sprinkle it on top of her dry kibble and mix with a little bit of warm water. If I don't use the treats as a food topper, I will mix a little bit of wet food in. The brands of food I have mostly been feeding lately is Acana, Merrick and Go! canned and dry. My other dog, Shiloh, is so simple. She will eat anything and she only gets 1.5 cups of dry kibble a day, and is still about 5 lbs over weight. I have attached a few pictures of my girls.
  2. Does anyone have any experience with registering their dog with the United Kennel Club single registration? My pup Aura is registered with the Universal Kennel Club, however I would like to try and get her registered with a more recognized kennel club group. I have been doing some research on their website and I am under the understanding that I will be able to register her with permanent registration and have full rights, but I want to verify with anyone who has done this, or maybe someone can make it clear if it would work? Also, if I can get her registered with United Kennel Club, would it be able to transfer to Canadian kennel Club? That would be what I would want, however I don't think this would be possible, but thought I would ask just in case it might be possible.
  3. ShyLoh

    Making A Leash

    Thanks! I found some of the exact ones I am looking for using the name suggestions you gave in a google search. I found them on a site called Aliexpress. I love these clips. They are easy to use and stronger then the basic eye bolt snaps, in my opinion. I have never had any issues with them. I will be placing an order for a few of them!
  4. ShyLoh

    Making A Leash

    I just got in some more paracord, and I will be making 3 more leashes for my dogs. I am very picky on clips I use, so I am looking for a specific type. However, I have no idea what these clips are called and was wondering if anyone here knew the name of them, or where I could buy them online. The one that is pictured I took from an old dog leash, so I have no idea where it is from. Any help would be appreciated! And for fun, a picture of the dogs the leashes will be for. haha .
  5. Thanks for the replies! It is a relief to know that she will most likely snap out of it once she is healed. The past 2 days I have been taking her on short walks with the other 3 dogs and she has been good with them on the walks, but other then that she has still not had any contact with them. Her incision is healing great still and she is not as itchy as she was on the weekend. Acting more like herself. We are going to let her have short play times in the yard on the weekend with the other dogs, which will be about 10 days or so since her surgery.
  6. My 1.5 year old husky mix, Shiloh, just went to the vet on Thursday to get spayed. She also got a booster and rabies vaccine, and tick medication. She did really well and has been healing great. Her incision is perfect, no redness or swelling. She is itchy but the cone prevents her from licking or biting at it, so no issues there. However, we have encountered an issue with her attitude. She is normal with people, but now she is snapping and growling at the other dogs, including my newest pup Aura, whom was, just last week, her best friend. We are keeping all 3 of the other dogs away from her for right now because of this as I don't want her to hurt herself while she is still healing. But I was just curious if this was a new found behavioral issue or a discomfort issue. More will tell next week when she is allowed to move around more. Has anyone encountered this issue with their newly spayed dogs? Has anyone found that once their dog got spayed it changed her behaviour and made her more aggressive? Before thursday she was just fine. She is not just snapping at them when they come up to her either, it is whenever they get, or she goes within a few feet from the other dogs that she will go and try to snap at them. I am at a loss for words, as she was the sweetest dog, got along with all other dogs, now she can't even be near the dog that she was bonded to.
  7. I have both a purebred husky and 2 husky collie mixes, we also have 3 cats. My purebred husky is still a younger pup (4 months), while my husky x collies are 1.5 and 3 years old. The husky mixes are perfect with the cats. My pure husky is okay with them, but getting better every day. She knows "be nice" and doesn't try to attack or bite the cats, she mostly just licks and follows them. She has met other cats that she is fine with too. All my dogs sleep in my bedroom with me with door closed, and the cats sleep elsewhere, and my puppy is never left alone unless put in her kennel, but my husky mixes are just fine being left alone with cats. We have had no problems. I am not saying that every dog will get along with every cat. In my personal experience, it has worked out just fine. Once I move out of my parents house however, I will just have my dogs and no cats living with me, so when my pup grows up I cannot say how she will behave. My one husky mix loves her kitty. They are best friends and I have absolutely no worries about her harming the cats.
  8. I am going to be starting to train my 1.5 year old husky mix Shiloh and possibly my 3 year old husky mix, Keeno, to pull and do some kick-biking and bike-joring this spring/summer. I also have a 4 month old purebred siberian that I am going to train also, and will start teaching her commands when I start with my other dogs. However, because she is so young I won't be letting her pull anything, and I won't be letting her run a longer distance just yet. So this brings me to my question... how long should I wait before starting to teach her to pull lighter weight and getting her to run/jog the distance I let me other 2 dogs go? So far right now Aura is getting a 20-30 minute walk a day, plus lots of outside playtime in the yard. I am just really wanting to do something fun with my dogs that I know will be fun for them too. I use to have a golden retriever mix that I trained to pull a bike, and she loved it. I am planning to start training them this summer with a kick-bike and bicycle, and maybe next winter if they enjoy it I will purchase a small dog sled or kick sled type thing and have them pull that. Also, here are a few pictures of little miss Aura! She is such a good girl. She has gotten over her little "tantrums" and is perfect with anyone handling her, or handling her bones while she is eating them. She loves meeting new people, and has probably met 100+ people in the past month, being a huge hit a local pet stores, family events and walks around the town. She has met quite a few other dogs too, and loves all of them. She has met small dogs, large dogs and a few cats. She is getting to like our cats at home, and if she nips at them she listens to the command "be nice" or "no bite" and mostly just likes to follow them and lick their f
  9. Don't quote me on this, but I see a lot of yellow lab in her. In her face when her ears are back, the colouring on her, especially on her back legs and shoulder areas.
  10. Yes I mean potty training haha.
  11. I lead her outside during daytime, but the first pee in the morning or during the night I carry her so she doesn't pee on the floor inside on our way out. Like I said though, she doesn't care about just holding her or picking her up. Yesterday I was picking her up occasionally through the the day, hugging her and putting her down. When I started just doing this she didn't growl at me at all. I want her to learn that hugs are okay so in the future if she is around kids, I won't have to worry if they give her a hug. I don't mind if she turns out not to be a cuddly dog, I already have one that is extremely cuddly. Aura knows the word "no" and "no biting", she knows how to sit, come, and I am teaching her other basic tricks and commands that she is starting to catch on. Her house breaking training is going great too. She has not had a poo inside yet and has only had a few pees inside so far too.
  12. We have 4 other dogs... She has bonded to my 1 year old husky mix Shiloh, and she actually is completely fine with her while eating a bone. I have dealt with gaurding of bones in puppies before, as all the pups I have raised, excluding Shiloh ( she was never like that) did the same thing as pups. I am more concerned over her growling while being cuddled/hugged. She doesn't gaurd her food, just bones. So one of the things I have been doing is sitting next to her while she eats it, occasionally telling her to give and once she does, sit and she gets it back. Or I will hold the bone while she chews on it. During the day 3 of our dogs spend most of the day outside but Shiloh and aura spend it inside. She knows sit now, and is working on the other ones I mentioned, but I will definitely teach her the ones you mentioned.
  13. Thank you! She does have a crate, lots of suitable toys and treats and I don't carry her around all day or anything like that. I carry her outside in the morning and back in to avoid accidents on the way outside and to assure she goes back in her crate. I will pick her up and move her if she gets in somewhere she is not suppose to also, and she is completely fine with that. Occasionally throughout the day we will cuddle a bit like I do with my other dogs and 50% of the time she will growl. I have been ignoring her growls and petting then putting her down when she stops. She is good with her food, just her bones she doesn't want me around. I am teaching her commands like sit, stay, come and basics like that right now and she is catching on. Thank you for all the tips!
  14. I have no clue how to correct this! My 9 week old puppy, whom I just picked up a week ago, has started to show a new behaviour. Today mostly, whenever I pick her up and try to cuddle her she will growl at me, whether she is sleepy, hyper or just do her normal thing. She doesn't do it 100% of the time, but about 50%. If I don't let her go when she starts to growl, she will get louder, although has not tried to snap at or bite me yet. She is also like this when I try to take away or pet her while she is eating a treat. I have dealt with the treat thing in the past, so know what to do to get her over that, but the cuddling thing to new to me. I can pick her up and carry her around, she is fine with that, I can also cuddle her while she is on the floor, etc. I have no clue on how to correct this. I want to be able to do whatever I want with her and for her to let me, so for in the future when she is an adult, she won't be like this. Any tips? Ps. I can't take her to a puppy class as I live 2 hours away from the closest one. This isn't my first puppy, and she is doing great with training.
  15. I am wanting to make some more paracord dog leashes and collars, and I had this clip laying around. I want to find more of them as I prefer this type over the ones you usually see. I have hit a dilemma though... I do not know what they are called, therefore I am unable to find them to order. I was hoping someone here might be able to tell me what type of clip this is or even where I might be able to order some from (in Canada). Can someone help?
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