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  1. Thank you we will give this a go!
  2. Hi Everyone, We have had our gorgeous boy for just over 2 weeks now and he has settled in so well! One thing that we are having a bit of trouble recognising a cause for is our little guy pooping inside. (I realise he is still very young so please bare with for explanation) Within the first couple of nights he was able to make it through the night without wee accidents but still pooped - he's got the hang of asking to go out and now rarely wee's inside other than small ones which he can stop when we say No to him and take him outside. Poops are a bit different - we take him outside every two hours then immediately after eating or sleeping. He will wee straight away but we give him longer to poop. He usually poops outside after a lot of encouragement - however, sometimes he won't poop at all but within seconds of coming back in side (we let him stay out till he wants to come back in) he will poop inside - this can be a few seconds or 5 minutes theres no pattern that we can see. If we say no or try to pick him up he continues to poop so we have to wait for him to finish as to not drop it round the house, we then take him out immediately and give the usual wee wee command. He also seems to know that it is wrong because he will try and get under something as if to hide. I hate to think we've scared him or been too strict!! I've read that they can associate certain rooms as a toiletting spot because they don't spend enough time in that room but when we are in we have been leaving the downstairs open for him to roam around in to help him recognise it as his living space. He is kept in the kitchen if we go out for a max of 2-3 hours (he doesn't have accidents in that time) and at night where he sleeps in a crate with the door open. He never wee's or poops in his crate or the kitchen. Like I said I know he is very young and he has been doing very well but I don't want to be continuing causing the behaviour through something we are doing? Any advice would be really appreciated! Our stunning boy at 9 weeks!
  3. Hahaha I've been told this a lot - so ready for the challenge Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners mobile app Our breeder is giving us a puppy pack including the food he is currently on - what do you recommend for introducing new food - I've seen about gradually mixing new food with his current food - what about introducing bones and meat, will that mess with him or is it just a case of trying a little bit at a time? Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners mobile app
  4. Hi guys, We had another visit to our breeder today to see Hunter and it's exactly four weeks today till we can bring him home. We've started to prep our house and buy a few bits and pieces but do you have any advice on what else we can be doing to prep for his arrival? I've got a name of a good vet and puppy classes but is there anything else you recommend? Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners mobile app
  5. Hi guys thank you for your welcomes! tips or tricks would also be loved if possible! I feel there is only so much you can research online (I've spent 6 months hooked to various sites) so any advice would be appreciated!
  6. Hi Everyone we get our little Hunter in 5 weeks and we can't wait! We've had dogs in the past but this is our first husky! We can't wait to bring our little guy home and want to be as prepared as we possibly can so any advice on what to get/do would be really appreciated! Thanks, Elly&Hunter
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