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  1. Look everyone it’s taken me a long time and lots of training, now o can be trusted off lead and play nicely too FB425B69-D0BC-405D-A7B2-2E2125939E33.MOV 15DE81BD-11DF-4C38-A24D-13F975667B1D.MOV
  2. Progress update, 8 months in to a life long partnership and Czar (Manny) is finally starting to settle down and trust me, that said he still challenges me daily in different ways, as for accepting dogs as friends and not enemies especially with my partners GSD, there is good news, although we did give up bringing them together as there was too much aggression from the GSD which resulted in retaliation from Czar, we had run out of ideas. Now I am very lucky to have a home in Norway which is in the arctic circle so Czar and I went home to Norway, just us, leaving behind my partner and her GSD, 4 months of metre + deep snow and seeing reindeer daily and occasionally meeting the sled dogs, Czar seemed to take on a different mind set, whilst at home in Norway Czar has free run of a very very large garden which pleased him as he really could run free and mad as you know Huskies can and do, whilst out walking in and around the mountains Czar was attached to a 100 metre line, this gave him the free running room he needed to explore, and enough distance to loose sight of me at times which at first didn't bother him, but eventually he would back track to find me, he now doesn't like to be out of sight, good thing. During our stay whilst out walking we met another Husky which was a pet and not a working sled dog, at first Czar was a little reserved and quite vocal too, the more we met the more Czar befriended the Husky to the point they played in the snow together without any aggression whatsoever, wow I thought, progress at last, the more we met the better at playing Czar got, some of you will at this point be thinking Czar needs another Husky friend in his life, yes he possibly does, but at this moment in time there is too much happening in my life (buying a new home) to dedicate the necessary time to another Husky. Back home here in the UK after our time in Norway my partner and I decided to see if and it was a Big IF Czar would indeed accept and befriend the GSD, so rather than the usual park/s walk, I asked one of my farmer friends if we could have access to his arable fields, about 40 acres of unrestricted open free running, and after a few snarles from the GSD they suddenly decided to play together, occasionally the female GSD putting Czar in his place, but now they play very well together whilst out in free space yet sadly the GSD is still too guarding with Czar back at home in my garden, Czar doesn't retaliate at all to the guarding of the GSD , really not sure how to stop the GSD from being so guarding in close proximity, and as they say that's all for now folks.
  3. We have tried numerous times, and the GSD really does not like Czar, so rather than keep upsetting both dogs, we no longer bring them together
  4. Good afternoon chelseafan, thank you for researching about tails, since my last post and you’re research, Czar has started to poo easier without putting in the mileage, however that said, we did do 21.8 miles on Wednesday gone, and that seems to have helped, he had a good clear out of his bowls. He still doesn’t carry his tail high, yet he certainly can hold it high and wag it slightly when excited, he only gets excited when he discovers prey, so it seems to be a little better. I’m ex RAF and only wear Lowa military boots, and have done for over 25 years I also team these up with the Darntough socks from Vermont USA, and it’s a winning combination. Yes Czar has met the GSD and they most certainly do NOT get on, the GSD is the aggressor.
  5. Good afternoon chelseafan, when out walking he carries his tail in a straight line at the height of his spine and no higher, when he gets really excited when encountering wildlife he can raise his tail slightly higher and will wag it ever so gently, that said this is not often at all, even when I have had to leave him for an hour or two at home alone, upon my return he will greet me but with a limp tail, only very occasionally will he talk (husky growl) but doesn’t raise or wag his tail, I guess that’s just how he is. As for pooing, he won’t poo in the garden no matter what, and he always has to poo in a different area each and every time, I feed him the same times everyday, walk him at the same times everyday, yet his pooing behaviour is inconsistent and we are having to cover more mileage before he will eventually poo, our daily walking mileage is now an average of 18.3 miles. Im at a loss as is the vet.
  6. Thank you all who replied, the not pooing is getting worse, today our first walk was at 06:20 our last walk today ended at 22:40 it has taken this long for him to finally poo, and his stool was soft, he has farted all day long and the smell has progressively gotten worse until I could stand it no longer at 22:15 it seems he’s holding on to his poo, I’m not overly worried about his health just yet, so before I go to the vets, could it be a mental problem ? I ask as walking him 6-7 times a day for 2-3 miles at a time in order for him to poo is not doing me or him any good. I just feed him Wainwrights kibble.
  7. Tail update and a question; urine samples came back all clear, we were given anti inflammatory, however after one dose severe diaorreah so that had to stop, as instructed by the vet, really not sure what to do next with his tail, I guess the speculation of nerve damage is looking possible only time will tell. Feeding and pooing; even though I’m doing my very best to get Manny (Czar his new name) into a regular routine, he won’t eat until after his walks and his walks are considerably lengthy on average 4 miles each walk, they need to be at least this length before he even considers a poo, and sometimes we return home without pooing and then within a short time frame he demands to go out again, and it’s approximately 2 miles of walking before he finally poos. Is this normal or am I doing something wrong ?
  8. Tail update; still ongoing tests, anal glands were almost empty, still had them squeezed empty nevertheless, finally managed to retrieve enough urine for sample tests, furthermore the vet did spinal, hip and tail manipulation, no signs of problem or reaction from Manny, however he was muzzled just in case, awaiting test results from the urine before any further action regarding his tail, the vet did say he might have some nerve damage at the base, that said I guess it’s just speculation at this time.
  9. Thank you Chelseafan, Markie, Jo and Robke, what I have noticed today is when the wind blows his tail to almost upright while we are walking he doesn't complain, I will however be having Manny's tail checked by the vet as soon as, possible, I will keep everyone updated, until then, may we take this opportunity to wish all forum members a very Merry Christmas.
  10. Problem; since owning Manny I have noticed he never wags or carries his tail in anything other than dropped or arrow straight in line with his spine, he also will not let me touch his tail to groom it, furthermore, yesterday on a walk I had no choice but to pick Manny up to lift him over a field fence stile, as I picked him up he let out a very loud Yelp and did his very best to bite my hand which was under his tail supporting his hind legs, the upward movement of his tail beyond the line of his spine obviously was very painful for him, has anyone experienced anything similar ? Looks like a trip to the vets after Christmas. Merry Christmas to all who read this.
  11. Thank you all for your comments on the food front, it’s been a very long day so far, and yes Manny is now back in his forever home.
  12. Thank you all for your suggestions, I did indeed act upon your suggestions and called the centre, there has been a communication breakdown, Manny is once again showing as reserved on the website, I collect Manny this coming Thursday 14th December, I can now breath easy again and prepare for his return. Question; currently Manny is fed Wainwrights kibble, my partners GSD is raw fed, what’s the general consensus, raw or kibble ?
  13. Update: last Thursday I spoke with the DogsTrust manager, he agreed to reserve Manny back to me, done deal, I was also asked to call the centre with my results of my filtration system so I did exactly that, the manager also told me that if the results were favourable then he would have no doubts at all and arrange a rebooking of Manny back to me. Saturday 9th December the manager was not in the centre, so I left a message on his answering machine asking for a call back, I also spoke to the receptionist and I was told a message would be on the system as a back up to my answering machine message. Yesterday 10th December I noticed Manny was back on the website no longer reserved and looking for a new home, hmmm. Today Monday 11th December still no call back, somewhat disappointed now, I’m begining to wonder if an internal decision has been decided against all I have done in order to welcome Manny back into my home and the lack of a return call (silence) is the news. I would like to think I’m reading too much into this, yet somehow I feel I’m not.
  14. Update: last Thursday 7th December the DogsTrust manager spoke with me, we discussed everything about Manny and the lengths I have gone to in order to hopefully welcome Manny back into my home, I was asked to call the DogsTrust just after lunch today Saturday 9th December for the centre to make the final decision. Having spoken to the centre I have been informed the manager is not in today and should be back in one day next week, so I have to wait patiently now, not knowing one way or another, until I get that call and decision I can do no more.
  15. Thank you all for your positive kind comments, very much appreciated, I have a somewhat unrelated question, does anyone have Instagram for their Husky, if so how do you get likes ? Manny has an Instagram account that I've just set up, and he's had no views or lines at all, and dint know quite who to follow either. Manny's instagram is; thehuskyczar
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