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  1. Yay!!! That is so exciting!!!!! Good luck Markie and Mama winter!!!!!
  2. Oh no i hope you feel better soon!!! I hate having strep... and tonsilitis. Puppies are all doing great and they all have nicknames now too Puppy 1 aka blackie or miss. piggy is at 1LB 11.3oz up 9oz from her birth weight Puppy 2 aka spot or patches is at 1LB 9 oz up8.1 oz from her birth weight Puppy 3 aka blondie is at 1 LB 8.7oz up 7.6oz from her birth weight.. Ive been trying to convince my bf that we should spay her and keep her though!!! Hes not agreeing to it though. Puppy 4 aka copper is at 1LB 9.2oz and up 6.8oz from her birth weight
  3. Thanks everyone. You all are amazing!!! I thought i would give an update on pups. Puppy number 1 is our squack box if she wakes up and isnt close enough to eat she cries, move her if shes comfy she crys, cant get comfy and she cries. Puppy 2 is in between. She likes to cuddle her mama though. Pup 3 is overly independent. she will crawl away from everyone and curl up in the blanket then if shes hungry she goes back to mom. She will even crawl over her mom to get away. She even somehow got out of the box when i wasnt in the room and was crawling on the floor. Puppy 4 is very happy go lucky she doesnt care what happens unless you try to weigh her I thought i would add their weight gains so far from their birth weight. pup 1 2.2oz pup 2 2.6oz pup 3 3.1oz pup 4 1.7 oz
  4. If its anything like my wait when it seems like they are never going to come...thats when they are close lol. Yea so cool that they are so close together!!!
  5. I cant wait to see your puppies!!!! The wait is long but so worth it!!!
  6. So guys I feel like an idiot. Sleep deprived me thought that there was two boys. Well i was wrong. Finally got some sleep while the bf watched over and it turns out they are all girls!!! The black and white girl is turning out to be the piggy as she gained almost an oz and pup 4 im watching close because she lost .7 and the others have all gained. Momma is doing good, just tired out
  7. All the babies are out and everyone is doing great so far!!! Here are some pics!!!
  8. We have a blonde healthy baby boy and a surprise brown and white boy!!! Waiting to see if there is any more surprises We did have to help with baby 1 by gently rubbing her lower tummy. then she didnt know what to do when it crawled away from her. After that though ive just been holding her tail for her. She is doing amazing!!!
  9. Baby 3 is taking its time. Once it comes that might be all unless there was one hiding in the ultrasound
  10. lol shes a big baby too. already almost 2 oz heavier than baby 2. Also we have a brown and white girl.
  11. Water just broke! She was so confused as to why she was leaking though poor girl
  12. Thanks for all the amazing advice guys. I have been getting her to walk around the kitchen island. I just took her temprature and it was at 98.96. Ive just been letting her do her do her own thing so far besides encouraging her to walk. Im just going to be here just in case she needs help. Im just nervous i may forget something. I have been doing alot of research. She has thrown up three times now. Pooped about a million tiny poops and at one point it was just clear liquid and peed a million little pees too. Hoping she delivers soon, She is now walking around the house on her own and she wont let me be more than a meter away from her usually. She hasnt had any food at all today. (her choice) and is having a lil bit of water at a time. I just got told that the er vet here is understaffed so usually you have to wait for someone to call you back so i am not impressed with that at all.
  13. Lol it is way too cute i took pics a video. Cant see much in the picture though. She is now cuddling the toy.
  14. Thinking this is the real deal. She just went to potty pooping in 3 different spots, Then a bit later she went to try again and nothing came out. She then grabbed a toy and brought it to her whelping box and has been giving it a bath for about 5 minutes now.
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