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  1. Of my two huskies ( of 10 years), one is very mushy and the other I feel is just living in my house. She only comes for love when she wants something.
  2. “First of all, 6 weeks is far too early for a puppy to be parted from his mum or litter. 8 weeks is the minimum, and it can cause problems such as biting, hard to train and separation anxiety. Huskies are hard to train as it is! “ I agree. I got my husky at 6 weeks and here I am 10 or 11 years later with a crazy dog. Im pretty sure it’s where all his dog aggression came from. I saw your icon had two children in it. I live with two huskies and my wife and I now have 3 and 1 year old children. I would never get another husky while we have kids, you can’t give this breed everything they need and have kids. This breed in my opinion needs to be the focus of your life, otherwise they act out.
  3. As Maz51 suggested, get the XL cage. Putting a towel down is a large help if it smells like you. Also helps if they pee. The dog is smart enough to pee on the towel and to then push it in a corner. CBD helps alot too. Im not talking about CBD branded for dogs or for vaping either. Look up CBD genesis and select 1000mg. Fill an entire veggie cap and give it to the dog before you go. Also get a cheap adult size Razor scooter and get the dog moving at a good pace for 20 minutes before you have to leave for class. turn the lights off in the room too, dogs are natural dormers. between the jog, CBD, and dark room the dog will lay down. oh leave talk radio playing too, if the dog hears real people in the house they won’t shut up. A cheap radio or the TuneIn app on Sonos will do. https://cbdvapejuice.net/cbd-drip/cbd-genesis-vape/ https://www.doterra.com/US/en/p/usage-internal-veggie-caps?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIkfaXl7DJ4QIVjcDICh2cbAaGEAUYASABEgIQpfD_BwE
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