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  1. So glad she's ok, she definitely looks happy to be home and snuggling on the couch!!
  2. We have a coolaroo too, the boys take turns sleeping on it but Zuko loves it most, Simone the cat even loves it, but Ava not so much!!
  3. My pups will do pretty much anything just short of ballroom dancing for whipped cream or chicken...
  4. Awww, they are so cute together!!!
  5. I actually like the squirrels lol they are pudgy and cute, I felt really bad that she killed it, I just hope it wasn't the one that would come to the door and look in, I liked him!!
  6. Wow, Sherwood Forest looks so beautiful! I bet they had a great time, what a perfect way to start the new year!!
  7. Ava is a character for sure, she was so stoked about it she went back out to look for more critters!!
  8. The Adventures of Ava the misbehava...So we are getting this lovely snowstorm today with winds gusting 18 miles an hour and wet snow falling/blowing, it says it's 21* out, but with the windchill it feels like 6* I let the dogs out as I do every morning to go romp around the yard and not two minutes later Ava appears in her usual napping spot with one of her stuffed toys she had hidden from the boys...or so I thought, upon second glance I realized she had a squirrel in her mouth, UGH...the chase was on, we played a little catch me if you can, then I told her it was time to go in and asked if sh
  9. She is beautiful!!
  10. Wow, that is a very cool shed...Mowgi looks happy in his decked out dog den!!
  11. Beautiful pics, love when the snow sparkles like that...the dogs look so cozy!!
  12. Beautiful pics, I bet she was in heaven!!
  13. I would rather have the beautiful white fluffy stuff instead of this frigid cold!!
  14. It's 4:25 p.m. here and it's -1 You need to make a big pot of soup and some hot cocoa...Brrrrrrrrr
  15. Love the pics, your dogs are so cute!!
  16. It's -9* and Ava is already outside, I tried to call her in but she just looked at me like I'm nuts!!
  17. Ava usually wants to nap outside after dinner, but tonight she ate went out and did her business then came right back in, so you know it's super cold if she doesn't want to be outside!!!
  18. Ava is my little trooper, she only came in once to snuggle with me for a few minutes then she was right back out there for another couple of hours, the boys on the other hand came inside numerous times...
  19. They still wanted to play outside so I threw some straw out there so they could wrestle...
  20. Very nice, it's so fancy!!
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