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  1. Aria was 12 weeks old in both photos. It is possible that Luis rey's pup is a husky as well.
  2. The breeder should be able to give you an idea of what their puppies typically do as far as coat color changes. All we can do is guess but the breeders guess will be more accurate.
  3. Great pictures!!! They look like they are having so much fun!!! ❄️⛄❄️💕
  4. This is my Aria at 12 week old. She is full husky with a wooly coat.
  5. I don't bother trying to get Diego inside when it is that cold out. He likes to be out there all night. He comes in when he is ready. I love doggie doors.❄️💞❄️ Gotta love snuggle bug Ava!!!! ❄️🤗❄️
  6. Great Pictures!!!! 💕 Mine love it when it is cold out. The colder the better. ❄️💙❄️
  7. Merry Christmas!!!! 💕💕💕
  8. Very cute!!!! 💕💕💕💕💕
  9. Huskys At Play

    Secret Santa

    The dogs loves the treats and toys and I am enjoying a cup of hot chocolate after playing with them outside in all the snow we got yesterday. Thank you secret santa for your thoughtful gifts.💕
  10. Everyone's trees look beautifully decorated! 💕
  11. Sarah is so adorable! 💕
  12. Cute pics Markie. 💕💕💕💕💕
  13. Your welcome.😁 They will love it!!!
  14. Diego's favorite ball, aside from the apples 😂, is the chuck-it balls. The one with the funny face on it and the rope pieces coming out of the head for hair. 😁
  15. That is funny @Olympia7 😂😂😂 I love the perfect placement of that ball. Every class needs a class clown 😂
  16. All I can get is the whole class photo. Lol 🙈 they just want to play!
  17. So gorgeous!!! I love his markings! 😘💋💕🤗
  18. Cute! Thanks for sharing 😊
  19. Lola is beautiful. So sorry to hear about Lexi. Welcome to the pack! 💕
  20. I love the whites with the blue eyes and the black/whites with either amber or blue eyes. I love the long wooly coat.
  21. The real question is " What are they watching on TV"? Snow Dogs, Eight Below, Balto,....??????
  22. I can relate to that 100 percent! 😂
  23. Very cute video Markie! 💕
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