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  1. An additional question: You're 15 at the moment. Will you have plans to go to uni/college/whatever and leave home for a few years? Who will look after the pup then?
  2. Another nope. My husky likes to be close but not too close. Arm's length is best.
  3. Mine buries her dried roo tail sometimes, but not any fresh food as far as I can tell. She also only tends to do that if she's not feeling totally well to eat her treat that day. She's like @2Huskyfun's pups, too much of a pig to keep anything uneaten for long. :P
  4. Agreed about the tinkering part. I like to build my own gaming computer so I have a PC, although it has been quite a few years since I last upgraded anything because I just don't have time to play games any more... A lot of Apple fans like to use words like "easy to use" or "intuitive", but at my tech level (I'm in health IT) and at this stage in my life they are all pretty easy for me. The "trapped" thing is my boss's complaints, paraphrased. He's been complaining for years about his photos and music but never switched away from Apple. I never bothered to ask how he's trying to get his photos and music out and how it's not working for him; he mentioned something along the lines of Apple deleting his files or some such. Could just be him, though. But he's most definitely struggling with Mac Mail. It refuses to use a lot of outgoing servers and deletes his emails randomly. They're important work emails too. The major thing I don't like, though, is a different cable for each new version of a product (I think?). That is just ridiculous.
  5. My desexed 8-year-old FEMALE husky Mayo humps every dog in the dog park. It's a dominance thing. Most dog parents find it hilarious especially once they figure out Mayo is female, and most dogs themselves either don't mind or can defend themselves by fighting back or running away. We don't let her hump vulnerable dogs (e.g. very old, smaller, terrified, etc.), but otherwise can't seem to discourage her too much other than pulling her off dogs when she does it.
  6. Windows PC and laptops, Android phone. I won an iPad 2018 model from a prize draw (apparently prize draws are real! Haha!) and have been using it for a bit, but didn't think it was that special and different from an Android tablet I tried. Like @Emma, I didn't want to be trapped. My boss uses Apple and struggles to get anything out!
  7. The doctor being a white man has just been done to death -- deaths and many regenerations! We'll wait for more episodes before we start S11, but I'm very excited for the new doctor!
  8. I put mine on a harness because she slipped her collar once (the collar is too big but it's a gift so we kept it). I have a back-clipping harness but just be aware of the pulling power that gives a husky. If I didn't have strong core and shoulders, I swear my Mayo would have dislocated my shoulder or faceplanted me a few times already! Some people use a front-clipping harness to discourage pulling. Edited to add a photo of her harness: At least the harness comes with a handle at the top, which has been very handy. A grooming place staff once said she's like a "walking handbag". Haha. Edit #2: I just noticed your husky is still a little 9-week-old pup! So... reread my reply in a couple of years?
  9. Both sons got her face! I wonder if any of them remember/know they're all related?
  10. Also, is this the behaviour when she's on a lead? I find my husky acts very differently and defensively on a lead. If children approach her on the street while we're on a walk she would turn away. If my friends' children come to visit while we're home and she's off-lead she'll be all over them. But huskies are also not the most people-dogs I've encountered. They'll show some interest, but as soon as you go near to pet them they walk away. Every husky I've met at the dog park is like that haha.
  11. Over here in the Southern Hemisphere and opposite land, our very pleasant Sydney winter is going away and Mayo and I are not looking forward to the summer heat! 😓 Bark on!
  12. I'm always worried they'll shave Mayo if I bring her to one in summer. Do you specify "DO NOT SHAVE" or do you let/want them to do so?
  13. We're not from the same country so I don't know if we have the same brands. I have a double row undercoat rake and it works very well brushing out the thick coat. Mayo isn't a huge fan of being brushed but she'll just have to put up with it!
  14. My Mayo is a tall girl at 60 cm (~23.6"). I've seen all sorts of husky sizes at the dog park and Mayo is one of the largest there. Maybe she has a bit of malamute or other breed in her, or maybe she just has huge parents. Doesn't matter. Big or small she's still our best pup. :)
  15. I've bought the 100% fish skin treats from this brand, but not this sweet potato wrap in particular. I do find Fish4Dogs generally to be of high quality!
  16. Mayo isn't a fussy eater at all, but with egg shells she's all: I know *you* don't eat that, mummy!
  17. I contemplated feeding raw egg in shell for a while but it just sounds sooooo messy! And whenever I fed cooked egg with some shell Mayo always just leaves the shell in the bowl. Do your huskies eat the whole thing?
  18. Consistency is the way to go. In the beginning Mayo jumped up to greet us every night when we came home from work, leaving long scratchmarks on my arms. We always pushed her down -- gently but firmly, and she eventually learnt that we didn't appreciate that behaviour. When she runs up to greet us without jumping up and clawing all over now, we praise her and greet her back. Now she occasionally jumps when she gets impatient when we need more time with the door; a firm no reminds her that's still not acceptable.
  19. I have stairs in my house as well. I've often wondered how dogs handle that while in a cone? How is she with the cardboard cone?
  20. Vickie


    My husky doesn't sleep on her back but I had a hamster who liked to do that. XD All your huskies must feel very safe at home!
  21. Did the cat live? Hahaha just kidding! I'm still surprised to see huskies living with cats they didn't grow up with!
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