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  1. Thank you 2huskyfun, Did you ever crate your pups? I ask because I really am curious if she would handle be blocked off in the kitchen better than a crate. I think she is smart enough already to know that are older husky Rex is not locked up in a crate and I cant help but wonder if that adds to her current hatred of the crate.
  2. Thanks for the response BingBlaze, She isn't in the crate to long at all. My mother in law is home all day with our kids and she really only leaves to take our youngest to pre school, maybe gone a total of 25-40 min and go to the bus stop for our older one. Again maybe 25-40 min. And this is after she will be outside for a good amount of time where she can go potty. I get accidents happen, but never had a pup step in it and smear it all over. Does this all seem normal still for her age. She just seems to do it whenever she is alone. If we are home she can make it a couple hou
  3. Hello everyone, Here is the situation. We recently adopted from a shelter our 2nd husky Raven, our first, Rex, is 4 years old. She is a sweet pup that gets along great with her big brother. Her first week or so home she had pretty bad diarrhea (probably stress-all test were neg.) and had some accidents in her crate at night, but she is now having mostly normal poops. Raven is currently 16 weeks old. When we are home she is doing pretty good with the potty training, still accidents here and there but to be expected. The problem we are experiencing is 9/10 times we leave her home alon
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