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  1. Thank you all so much, this has been tremendously helpful! Cheers!
  2. Thank you all for your replies, much appreciated. So it looks like we're on course based on age to start feeding Maya raw food. My only follow up question would be - how much is the recommended amount per serving? Again, lots of info online and I know it may vary based on raw food types but any answers you can provide would help us a lot. Cheers!
  3. Hi everyone, We just have a few questions about diet for our female husky named Maya, who is 4 and a half months old. Currently we are feeding her Britcare lamb and rice puppy granules for breakfast, lunch and dinner - approximately 75g per serving. However, she constantly seems hungry. We give her treats/dental sticks/other things during the day but we'd like everyones opinion on what they feed their huskies. I know there are many threads that detail diet, but some are from several years ago and things may have changed so it would be great to receive feedback from the community. Also, when is she old enough to be having rice/raw meat and bones? We've spoken to our vet but they haven't been very helpful. Thanks
  4. 7 huskies!!! Back home we had two at once, and even that was a handful. You must have a remarkable amount of patience and love
  5. She's beautiful! The photo with your daughter is very cute
  6. Thank you all Yes she loves the zoomies. Only time we let her off the lead is when walking back into the apartment, she walks up 2 flights of stairs, gets in the lift and runs down the hall to our apartment.. Every time! Once she gets her final rabies vaccination (she's still a little too young) we'll take her to the dog parks so she can run. So far the controller is safe, but we've had a hat and a pair of headphones that have been sacrificed for the greater good!
  7. Hi everyone, Say hello to Maya, our beautiful girl who we've had for 6 weeks! Our families had huskies back home in Australia, but since we're living in Europe for the foreseeable future we decided to start a little family of our own She's certainly a handful, but our absolute pride and joy and we love her so much! We live in an apartment and want to get some tips on training and nutrition. Nice to meet you all, enjoy the weekend.

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