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  1. I am at my wits! i cannot get link to stop jumping up on the kitchen counter... but if we are having dinner around the table, he wont jump up but we have an open living and kitchen space and if we are watching TV he will just patrol the kitchen and jump up.. We move all food away from the edges and i always clean the surfaces so it doesnt even smell like there is any food close by. He's been jumping for almost a month now and we just cannot seem to get him to stop. HALP!!
  2. my wife is convinced he's eating his poop and now google as her thinking that also, stupid google.
  3. QUESTION! Link is totally house trained, he barks when he wants to go outside and has not soiled inside for almost a month now! wooo! finally, i didnt think the day would ever come. As of late, my wife or I have had to leave the house for 4 hours, never any more than 5 hours. Whenever we come home we find he has not soiled or anything, are we just really lucky or is it possible he is eating his poop and cleaning up his mess? I've heard dogs can do it but surely the house may still stink of poop slightly or a stain of some kind? Help!
  4. Link is now 5 months and growing faster than ever. He likes to be involved, so much to the point that he can be asleep on the other couch, i can come and sit next the wife and have a smooch and he is immediately up and on the couch with us trying to get involved. Or if shes reading a book by the fire, ill go lay down next to her and link will come running and get inbetween us. as cute as it is, i dont want this to be a problem when he is older and is stronger and can become a nuisance. anyone else had this problem?
  5. Link is now 16 weeks, cant seem to get him to stop trying to bite me when im trying to play with him, kongs, ropes whatever, i try and re-direct him to the toy but i sometimes feel he thinks my hand is more tasty, i really hope he figures this out, i dont want to have to make him wear a muzzle. Also, oh my god, fear of missing out is out of control, cries to go out, let him out, if i dont follow him up to the grass to pee, he just wants to come back inside (only sometimes, not always) He sleeps in another room in a crate and our door is closed and he doesnt make a peep.
  6. Hi Guys! Me again. Link is now 17 weeks old, house training is going great, we both live very active lifestyles so he gets alot of love and attention and plenty of mental and physical exercise, we have started giving him his lunch and dinner in a toy that he has to work to get his food, we feel in the morning its best to just let him chow down as he is so hungry, we did get a channel feeder bowl though so he cant inhale his food in 10 seconds. He has perfected the sit, lay down, stay, come. We put treats on one end of the room, make him lay down
  7. Another newbie question. Link is currently 15 weeks old, he's started to teeth, yay, nothing i wasnt prepared for though. My question is - Should i even attempt to brush his teeth if they are just going to continue to fall out and new ones grow? I bought these dental rings, kinda like a "do it yourself" teeth brush, yeah he just destroyed it lol. Thank you and have a wonderful day.
  8. 1 more question, hes 12 weeks, probably going to be begin teething soon, he loves to bite when we play so i try and replace my hand with a toy, is there anything else i can do in this situation? He only bites when he gets too excited so i stop playing with him immediately until he calms down Yeah, giving my pup peanut butter in the kong makes im vomit.
  9. Good Morning! Thankyou for the warm welcome to the forums, there is alot of helpful and useful information on here! My wife had a Husky Shepard growing up, i have always wanted a Husky and so here we are. A few questions though, He loves rocks and dirts, to the point in which i have to monitor him always outside, he started to sometimes guard the rocks, i tried to replace the rocks with a toy so he didnt think i was taking the rocks away from him, thats okay right? He has been home with us for 3 weeks now, potty training is going okay, sometimes h
  10. Hey! I'm Jay, from Calgary, AB. I'd like to introduce my 10 week old husky to you all called Link! (yes we are huge zelda fans) He is getting very good at going outside to pee and poop, sleeps well in his crate, we just upgraded the size as he is growing so fast. Currently on royal canin medium pup food, 3 cups a day. He is so settled and loves life! we took him on his first walk in the outside world today as he got his shots 2 days ago! C
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