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  1. Thank you! thats a good idea! I'll give it a try.
  2. Its not often, mainly when she's getting to riled up and needs to go into her kennel. She is a stubborn thing and doesn't listen so I'll scoop her up and take her to the kennel, or if she's getting ready to have an accident or in the process of having one I pick her up. Maybe it is one of those she just isn't a fan of being lifted or hugged. Which I won't be lifting her once she gets a bit older.
  3. Yeah, I'm more concerned about her growling when I pick her up, (I try not to do it often but sometimes it is necessary) and it seems to be if she's just gotten in trouble or is in a particularly grumpy mood she is even more aggressive with the growling and even snaps at us. My son is my main concern about this behavior because he's young and he wants to love on our dogs. (We have a lot of dogs) i try to give her a treat when I pick her up and she doesn't growl but I'm not sure it's helping
  4. My husband and I decided to get a husky, he's wanted one for a while now and I just wanted a puppy lol. So I was searching for husky puppies on Craigslist, we found a "breeder" (I'll explain why the quotes in a bit) and bought a female puppy and named her luna. She's a gorgeous and sweet baby but recently there have been issues, mainly her growling and even snapping at me when I go to pick her up, not playful growling, very aggressive and snarling. Now this is only sometimes but its gotten to be more frequent. She has no issues with me taking toys or food from her, she does play really reall
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