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  1. Shelley15


    How much meat should a dog who weighs 22kg get thinking of trying keta on raw so need to now how much to feed her and cost .
  2. I use the Julius k9 one keta with no complaints did have one from pets at home a 3 peaks one and in 6mths the stitching had started to come undone by the buckle not very good. But they exchanged it straight away.
  3. We had a similar thing happen this weekend we went to visit family who were camping with their dogs. Met on beach keta in lead theirs running free and he ran up to keta so she responded by bouncing at him and he barked and growled so we kept walking. They settled an were running together. We then go back to their camp site and walk up to tent and the two dogs are barking at us my cousin says it's ok come in and the one goes for keta and bites her ear she slink back behind my husband's leg and hid. They put theirs in the car we stayed a bit and left. She has not been the same since very quiet and doesn't want to now . Not like her at all . Hoping to take her over my mother to play with her best friend in a day or two to get over it. Keep walking and socialising as they do enjoy it ,it's just the odd few dogs who don't like them but you find that with people not everyone likes everyone don't give up.
  4. Thank you only one is mine the other is my nephew plus older ones not with us today. Yes it is we were in a forestry centre there are walks and carvings of lots of animals they even have a gruffalo trail for the kids it's called garwnant in merthyr Tydfil.
  5. We went on a dog friendly Easter egg hunt today keta had so much fun with all the other dogs
  6. Happy mothers day to you as well . Been for a lovely walk with my fur baby and middle baby day xx . Now a lovely chill on sofa .
  7. Keta sleeping on my feet tonight love a cwtch she does.
  8. Great video they ate so excited to see him
  9. Yes still loads melting a bit but think we will have a freeze tonight . One sleepy dog tonight after being out again today
  10. This is our back lane I am the one in the blue coat keta wouldn't come to me she went on the grass and park
  11. Today's walk . And missed a fab photo this morning when she had to jump over a drift to get put side
  12. Shelley15


    Hope amy is ok with her paw . We are safe and warm keeping safe not been for walks today just out in garden but she is not bothered must be cold .
  13. Shelley15


    Hope all are safe in the snow we have had it since yesterday and are waiting for storm Emma to hit with us. So for we have this
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