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  1. Thanks a lot for all the replies guys! I've been giving small treats while cleaning to distract him and its working nicely! Small banana pieces or beef..
  2. Hi everybody, Anyone has quick tips on how to clean puppy paws after a walk in the park? Snow doesnt like it very much and usually tends to nipping when cleaning his paws.. thanks!
  3. Yes, all dogs medium size and up are potentially very dangerous! Heck, even the small ones... They have very strong jaws, sharp teeth, some are very fast and agile, some are really heavy and strong... But there is an animal much more dangerous than any dog... The most dangerous animal of them all! An ignorant human! They wipe out other races, kill each other for something as insignificant as car honks, and yet, they are still among us, roaming free... Just leave our dogs alone, please.. =)
  4. Yeah, I began with removing the bowl after 30 minutes, regardless of it being full or not, but then I noticed Snow wasn't eating enough, so I'm leaving it for longer periods, but not for a full day... Im giving him 90grams 9:30am which he eats a few nips right away and the rest around 10:30am , then 90 more at 2pm which again he nibbles a bit right away and then eats the rest around 3:30 pm, and the last portion of 90 grams at 9pm were he eats slowly up to 10ish pm.. I tried putting the bowl down at 10:30am; 3:30pm and 10pm, but he just repeats his eating style.. I guess he just likes eating s
  5. Indeed a Hasle.. my 9 week old is playfully biting as well.. We created the habit to say "no" "shss" remove him from the room/ lock him in another room at the first nip, be it at our clothes or hands... Most times we just say no and give him a chew toy, if he sticks to it we stay, if not, we go to method 1.. been doing this for a week since we got him, and hes gotten better, but still forgets sometimes and nips us.. Its funny cause sometimes he kind of remembers and when he goes for the nip he just stops mid-way and backs off... 50% of the time hes just putting his mouth open in our
  6. Hey guys, thanks alot for all the input! Yes, my varanda is on the 19th floor, but it has a guard-rail and a tight protective net up to the ceiling, so even if he tries to jump over the rails (1,3m tall closed from the floor up) the net would bounce him right back to the floor.. Its made to prevent children from falling off, so its very safe and cut resistant... The glass is 7mm thick and tempered.. About the clicker, I'm already sold, but the wife will take some talking to.. haha.. Bummer about the walking time, but no problems there (what was I thinking taking a 3-4 mon
  7. Hi everyone! Me and my wife just committed to a new puppy! We will be getting him home on the 25th when he will be 2 months old. We never had a husky before and are very exited since it has been a long coming dream for both of us! We each had dogs before, but not as adults and I can't help but to worry a little.. I've been reading all about their temperament and know pretty much what to expect.. We have jogging agendas every day in the morning and afternoon so exercise will not be a problem for Snow.. there is always someone home for most parts of the day since we are a home-office c
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