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  1. Hi friends. My boy is only 2 years old and he got this weird limping problem. Sometimes when he stands up after laying around his front right leg will limp. He doesnt seem to be in pain, he just hops around lifting his leg. He's fine with putting pressure on it, since he still uses his leg to climb the stairs, but even when he sit sometimes he'll lift it up or straight up lay on the floor instead. After sometime he'd be fine, about 30mins to an hour? At first I thought his leg just fell asleep, but it take pretty long for him to stop limping and its always the same leg it seems. I check his pa
  2. For a few days now my boy started to be afraid of going outside to the backyard. Normally he would go to pee and run around. Sometimes we would lock him out while handling food, so he would sit by the door waiting for us to let him in. Although even this, he was never afraid of going outside. But suddenly one morning he refused to go outside, even though we finally got him out, he just sat on the doormat. He eventually pee'd inside. So this has been going on for about 3 days now, we have to leash him out the door, and stand outside wait for him to pee. He's totally fine when going on
  3. So i recently adopted a husky, and we been together for about a week now. He is 18mo old, male, and his previous owner claims he is house-trained. Which seems very likely, as the first and second day he didnt pee in the house at all. But perhaps he was a little scared of the new environment? But since then he's been having accidents almost every day, and recently more frequently. In the beginning is was probably my poor schedule managing, but now i would take him to the backyard to pee (his designated place) and he would not let anything out and when we go inside after about 15 mins he w
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