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  1. From.Cambridge dictionary: Aloof not friendly or willing to take part in things: She seemed rather aloof when in fact she was just shy. not interested or involved, usually because you do not approve of what is happening:
  2. My mistake. I didn't know I was corresponding with Socrates himself. You will eventually cross paths with a user of comparable wisdom and verbal comprehension. It is clear that I am not that person. Have a good one!
  3. So how do they interact with strangers attempting to seek contact then? You replied that your dogs are not introverts. An extrovert breed is social. I don't know why but I`m very intrigued by what criteria a dog has to meet to "impress" you. Do you mind sharing for my amusement?
  4. Do I detect a certain amount of sarcasm in that post? Really? Your Huskies greet strangers similiar to Golden Retrievers and Labradors? The Huskies I encountered have all been very indifferent and difficult to connect with, though I made small, incremental steps the more times we met.
  5. Well you don't have to. Would you accept my description of Huskies as introverts when interacting with strangers? Soft, quite introverts. This is how I percieved both breeds.
  6. With strangers that is. When I look into a Shibas eyes and sense its temperament, I feel very much like when I try and engage with a husky. Both can exhibit energetic spurts, but interacting with me they feel very much like the same dog breed.
  7. I have approached a handful of Huskies and Shibas for the last year or so and they seem VERY similiar in their interactions with me. Both exude calmness, silent eye contact and introvertedness. Their morphology is also more similiar than people think. Malamutes are more extroverted and not at all like those two (I own a mix breed malamute) None of this should come as a surprise given both are ancient spitz breeds, but I'm curious if I'm under a false impression?
  8. These must be Siberian Huskies, right? It doesn't say in the description.
  9. Hah! Just rewatched the dog scenes in The Thing. The dog in the beginning is clearly a wolf hybrid, no matter what Carpenter claims. . The coat however is malamute inherited. The tail never curls even when excited (running). I've never seen a fullbreed malamute with a tail permanently carried low, instead of curving to touch the back. Not to mention the eyes...
  10. Oh Wait, Luka is the grey one! lol ...Not malamute... German Shepherd ears for my money.
  11. It's supposed to be a regular polar dog in the movie! Purebreed Malamutes/Huskies/Greenland dogs etc can't have yellow eyes.
  12. But if Carpenters claim is correct, that the first dog is a purebreed malamute, why does it have yellow eyes (bom bom bom!).
  13. I was thrilled to learn that the dog used in the opening scene of John Carpenters The Thing was a purebreed alaskan malamute! It's one of my favourite movies. The dog later used for the action was a malamute/wolf hybrid, because it worked better in front of the camera. You can also spot a siberian husky part of the dog pack in the scene were the dogs get attacked. The third picture is apparently the malamute/wolf hybrid used to potray the same character seen in the beginning. You can see from those pictures in the 80s that the malamute seems to have changed quite a bit... or that google favours show line mals....!!!
  14. I guess Luka is the brown and white (sobel) one..? Can you put up some pictures. It looks to me like half malamute without question on your avatar.
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