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  1. Thank you everyone. Aris do you mean he's cuter, because the one floppy ear? I think it's kind of cute too even though my parents think it's silly. His ears have a mind of their own I guess. Thank you Angie I think his other ear looks sturdy at the bottom too, the ear is more bouncy than it used to be so maybe it's going to come up if not I don't care he can do whatever he wants with his ears my dad thinks he looks silly, but I think it's cute. I joke saying he's only half listening.
  2. Thank you. Are both ears in huskies typically supposed to stand at the same time? Do some huskies actually have one floppy ear?
  3. Hi all I posted awhile back about my husky's ears not coming up, and everyone who has experience with huskies for the most part thought they weren't going to come up, because he is already 6 months. I myself agree with everyone else after doing research, but all of a sudden one of Bandit's ears has come up, and has stayed up already for three days without coming down, but the other is still floppy. Is that normal will the other one come up or is he going to have two different ears? I don't care either way I learned to love his floppy ears, but it is a bit odd if he is going to have one up one down ear. He will be 7 months already on the 16th. Thanks everyone for advice and feedback.
  4. Thank you spoiled62912 it's nice that you think he looks like a pure husky a lot of people tell me he has lab ears so I'm just confused about whether he is pure or not. Of course I love him regardless he has such a cute personality. When his ears didn't stand and people started to ask me if he was really pure I was a bit disappointed truthfully, and then I look at pictures of all the huskies here and not a single one has floppy ears so I guess I just got a little nervous even my friend has husky mixes that have erect ears. Either way I would never trade him away he's my baby. Thank you Jay
  5. Hi, I am new to husky owners.
  6. Thank you all for your replies. I really thought he would look like a real husky since I paid top dollar for him, and he was advertised as purebred, although money doesn't matter when you love someone and I love him with all my heart, and love him regardless of his funky ears. I had no idea that the ears were supposed to be erect way before this time until people started asking me if he was a lab mix, because of the ears that's why I got worried and posted to see if anyone else had a purebred husky that ears stood late. I guess the lady who sold him to me must have lied to me. It's unfortunate when you can't trust people, but I ended up with a dog I love either way so I guess no harm done.
  7. Thank you all for your replies I was still hopeful for the cute erect ears, but I did know deep down that it is probably too late. Oh well! I love him regardless, even if he looks less like a husky
  8. Hi, I have a 7 month old male husky, and he is purebred, but so far my pups ears haven't stood up. I or no one has messed with his ears, and both parents do have erect ears and look pure, but yet his ears are still floppy. I have looked up in general about ears and I know it's might be a genetics defect, however I was curious if anyone might know if there is hope for his ears still standing past this age? None of the ears have fully stood they only stand when he is asleep, but that's because his head is turned and when he wakes up they stay up for maybe a few seconds then flop back down. I love him regardless, but was wondering if anyone might know if there is hope for his ears still standing even though he's already 7 months?
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