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  1. Its hard to say because every dog is different, and has a different personality. I adopted a 3 year-old Husky mix (now 4 years old) and he has not given me one problem. No digging, no chewing, no destroying the house. He's very relaxed, and actually, a little timid. So, I am sure my experience is very different, and I don't know what he was like as a puppy. It is great for you to do your research, and it is great if you can commit to walking every day. That is one thing my boy loves -- walking! I had sore legs for months after adopting him (and I even started walking every day before I adopted him to try to condition myself.) All in all, I think having a Husky has been a great experience, and could be for you, too. Kim
  2. Olaf recently celebrated his one year anniversary with us - or his "gotcha" day. Its been so much fun getting to know him, and seeing how much he has changed in this last year. Last night, for the first time, he brought a toy to my bedroom. Jumped up in bed with it, too. It was adorable. He's so shy, and typically, not very playful. I was amused.
  3. Olaf is a lot like that, too. He is shy and not very affectionate. He doesn't usually like to be touched at all, especially near his butt/tail, and his paws. He is pretty good with me touching me but I do have to read him and only touch him when he seems to want it. Sometimes, he will touch me with his paw, or lay close to me. He goes to my Mom when he wants attention, too. He growls if my son approaches him, but sometimes, he is okay with my son and licks his face. My advice, only based on my experience, is give her some space and respect the signals she is giving. Kim
  4. The IKEA husky was supposed to be for my son, but Olaf claimed it right away. 😉
  5. I am not sure if this well help you, but my experience is that I adopted a husky at almost 3 years of age. We, and the rescue group are not sure what he endured during his first six months of life, as he was taken to an animal shelter at that age, and then fostered by the rescue group. Anyway, although he is a sweetheart and is very well behaved, he does have some fear issues. Fear of dog brushes, or of anything touching him, fear of people, not friendly with strangers. I believe this could be because he was not socialized as a puppy. He has become quite playful and affectionate in these last 11 months. So, there is hope - but, I guess those are a few things you should consider. I hope it works out for you, if you decide to adopt this one. Kim
  6. I tried to change Olaf's dry food once and he didn't seem to care for it. He's used to eating a chicken flavor grain-free kibble, and I tried salmon flavor. So, I am just sticking with the Annamaet Salcha that he's used to. That's what he was getting in foster care. He much prefers human food though, so I sometimes cook an egg for him, or give him some low sodium american cheese. If I am browning ground beef for a recipe, I will sometimes give him some of that, too (no seasoning.) But he seems satisfied with his usual most of the time. Kim
  7. Oh gosh, they definitely look like two different puppies.
  8. This will be my first time leaving Olaf for 5 days. Recently, I had to leave him for 2 and 1/2 days to go out of town for a funeral. I took him to a boarding facility. He did ok, but he was mad at me for about a day after I brought him home. He wouldn't look at me or get too close to me. He was upset and he needed a little time and personal space in order to get over it. I think it will be a little different this time, though, since he will be in someone's home and will have attention 24 hours a day.
  9. I think Mylo will be fine with your father. I am sure you will miss him like crazy. I'll be doing the same thing at the end of June. I'll be leaving Olaf for 5 days. I wish he could stay with my Mother, but she is not steady on her feet and she can't take care of him for walks or bathroom breaks. I found a wonderful pet-sitter and she has experience with huskies. So, Olaf will be staying at her house while I am away. I am sure he will do fine. I think Olaf (and Mylo) may be upset that their routine has changed, and they will miss us, but they will bounce back and will be fine. Kim
  10. Most people can tell that Olaf is a husky - they usually just ask - is that a husky?! Some others will guess that he is Siberian Husky w/German Shepherd, which is correct; he is a mix of the two. Its great that people are curious. Sometimes, they may ask questions just to start a conversation, and to meet your puppy. Kim
  11. Olaf has a black spot on his tongue. It developed sometime after I adopted him; so, I would guess its been there for a few months now. Not sure what it is either. Based on some reading I've done, I think its fairly normal and harmless. But, I will ask the vet about it during our next appointment. Kim
  12. I'm so sorry to hear that this happened. I hope you will be able to recover from the stress soon. I would probably be very upset for some time. I'm sorry. Kim
  13. Oh, what a cutie. It sounds like you have tried everything to find the owner. I know of two Husky Rescue groups, but they are both based in PA. I'm not sure if they could help you in TN. If you want to look them up, they are Tails of the Tundra and Delaware Valley. Kim
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