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  1. Gorgeous pup. My breeder told me they usually get lighter, not darker. Every husky is beautiful
  2. Aris

    Secret Santa

    Dear Santa Thank you very, very much! I/ve received your present day before yesterday. Just in time because my Christmas is today! I really like your toy, it is my favorite toy now! *mum is having problems with her phone so she cant post photos She is also apologizing to our recipient that our small present is late. She sent it day before yesterday but we have holiday here till Tuesday.
  3. Due to death of family member I am not capable to send present o n time. Sorry.
  4. I meant one of your girls But for real, I am paying close attention to ads for female husky adoptions ;)
  5. I/ve muzzled Aris recently for the same reason. We live in big building in crowded area and I don/t want to risk a bite, or even to scare some child. He doesn/t growl all the time at all strangers, just I havent figured out why and at whom he growls. I am working on that. Now, I am relaxed in walks and when people see muzzle they say "oh, aggressive dog" and dont bother him. Who knows how to approach a dog, they know how to be friends with him. Aris accepted muzzle right away because he always gets treats and we go for a walk and have fun with muzzle. I am very very sorry that you are not getting that puppy. He is adorable. But I completely understand how you feel. I am sure , soon you will be ready for new dog/puppy since Luka is doing so well
  6. PaulG as long as there are people like you, world is a great place to live in.
  7. Sorry, meant to say they should be trained not to pull, because instinctively they pull.
  8. Yeeeeey! That is a BIIIIG thing! Congratulations I wish I could get one little girl for my boy
  9. Hi, Gemma is beautiful! Just imagine Gemma is a baby who is small and frighten and lonely. I slept month and half in room with Aris when he came. During night, he needed just a little cuddling to go to sleep again. He never whined or cried or howled. It will pass. Again, I repeat she is so, so young. She is lonely and afraid. After a week or two try to simulate leaving home for a few minutes. Several times a day. Then make those periods longer. Now you can try to leave her in the room for a few minutes. Dogs are not stubborn on purpose. She just isn/t used to leash or harness (you have adjustable ones). And just for you to know huskies always pull, they are bred to do that. Keep redirecting and rewarding. Have a bunch of toys or things she is allowed to chew. Always, ALWAYS use positive reinforcement. Nothing else helps with huskies. They are smarter than people. Best regards, excuse my English.
  10. Puppies need lots of naps and sleep. Even now when he is 9 months old Aris has two longer naps during day. He sleeps all night, wakes up when I get up and goes to sleep much before me. Just let beautiful Gema sleep when she wants and as long as she wants. Edit: when he was as Gema he only was up 1 - 2 times during night to pee and poo
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