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  1. It already feels like forever 😩 Know. I'm trying to keep busy so I don't think about it to much. Thank you ! He's the son I never had lol I'm so in love
  2. So as some of you know I was waiting to pick out my puppy , today was the day. Everyone say hello to my 4 week old Kenai Im so in love !
  3. Possibly but like I said I loved them all equally. I love the breed and all the colors lol so it's a win win for me. Im going for one but if he's gone when I go then I'll just pick another one.
  4. Well I mean for the most part it's either black and white and white and brown. But we like them all so we're happy with any of them.
  5. That's the one my boyfriend likes. I'm really hoping for one that looks just like the dad but if not I won't be upset. I love them all. There are 3 people choosing before me. Then it's my turn. I will post which one I get. They are choosing this weekend so I get to go after them.
  6. That was my boyfriends favorite as well lol yes all 11 are adorable. I loved them all lol I have another week until I go back to choose Yeah the first one is my favorite he looks like his dad. Im hoping blue eyes will stay. Both parents have blue almost grey eyes and the parents of both of those also had blue eyes. I have a week until I go back to choose my pup This is the dad , the mom looks just like that as well and both grandparents on both sides had blue eyes so I'm hoping they stay blue lol but yes they're so cute I didn't want to leave lol
  7. Yesterday I went to visit the extremely lovely family that have the pups , we played with all 11 of them for hours. They're the cutest things. I really don't know how I'll be able to choose which one I want. I wish I could take them all lol there's two black and white ones that look like twins and two white and light brown ones that also look like twins. The single pics of the pups, could be the ones I'll Pick but we're still not sure lol they all have blue eyes by the way
  8. Lol yeah that's what Ive heard. Im still confused on what to do about feeding , I guess I'll be sticking to what he's on now which is wellness but I don't know how much a day or how many times a day
  9. Thanks lol yeah i want to know it all before I pick him up that way I know how to care for him properly.
  10. Thank you , I will keep him on wellness then. If I have any other concerns or questions I will ask ! Thanks again
  11. Wow. Yeah I know not to shave a husky for sure. Thank you for the help and not judging me for asking all these questions. Ive already had someone on the Facebook group pretty much tell me I shouldn't be getting a husky since I don't know these things. But I'm only asking because Ive noticed everyone feeds differently and uses different products so I just want to make sure I get the best things for my puppy.
  12. Thank you , I'm so surprised that the groomer was pushing me to get the furninator when it's not ever good for them. Thank you yes I will stick to what he's on now , and I'll deff start brushing when he's little. I can't believe the groomer wanted me to buy the furninator
  13. Yes , I did read that. I won't be letting him off a lease , but I do plan on taking him to a dog park so that's the only place I'll do so.
  14. I am new to the husky breed , Ive done my own research but I need help from actual husky owners. Mine will be 8 weeks when I pick him up. right now he's on wellness core puppy food , should I keep him on that ? Or is there something else everyone uses that's good for them. What do you do about the shedding ? Lol I know you can't prevent it
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