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  1. Thank youπŸ€—
  2. Thank you!☺️ Hello! You guys are all so sweet! I feel very welcome:) Thanks!!xxxπŸ˜‹ Thank you!! Yes, it's so obvious next to all your pups! Lol -I feel silly questioning it now! I adore him tho!πŸ˜… Fancy, welcome! Thank you!πŸ•πŸΎ Hello, & thanks! I think so too! 🐾😎
  3. Thanks! Harlow, Arlow, & Arlo!! Crazy coincidence!😁 My Beagle's a bluetick girl named Gamma! Thank you so much!β˜ΊοΈπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ•
  4. Thank you so much! He is really unique looking! I was unsure mostly because all the Gerberian Shepsky pictures I see on the internet are all super dark in color in general & more GSD looking overall. I also heard of the gangly/bat-eared period huskies go through & I decided to get opinions!
  5. Thank you! He definitely looks more Shepherd next to all your babies here! He actually looks more husky in real life -it's weird, sometimes he looks more like a husky, sometimes more shepherd! Thanks for your opinion! 'Watered down husky' is definitely something I'll have to use to describe him, lol!
  6. Hello! I've mentioned some of this under my question thread (didn't realise this was here!:). My guy's name is Arlo & he's about six months. I got him from a husky rescue group & he may have shepherd in him! We were told he was dumped at a shelter because of a malformed eye & the rescue group was notified about his existence & took him in. They had his eye removed soon after & he's actually really lucky he lost it so young! He's a really sweet boy & super trainable - so far:) He's also a lot of work; energetic, stubborn, & comical! Talks a lot too! I'm glad I found this site! Thanks for having us<3
  7. Hello! I adopted my little man from a husky rescue group recently - he's about 6 months old & I was told he was small for his age. He was dumped because of an eye abnormality & had to have it removed. I've been taking him to an obedience class & one of his teachers said she thought he might be part Shepherd. He's really trainable & she said he's not crazy like most of the Huskies she's trained. I, of course, adore him either way:) I'd love some opinions! Thank you!
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