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  1. Haha thats cute as. what is it that you love about huskies in particular?
  2. Thats a good solution! Is it the feeling of freedom or the action of running which they love so much?
  3. Yeh that is literally an hour drive for me might have to settle for the leash walking.. how easy would it be to get my pup back on a leash at a dog beach? Is it likely to become hostile to the other dogs? (I know its up to the personality), but usually?
  4. I live in melbourne. Think we’re pretty dog park scarce
  5. Is that just around other dogs or in general? I know they like running around but unfortunately we dont have a walled off garden where he/she could roam around. Is free roaming something a husky needs?
  6. i dont think we have 'secure dog parks' here, I dont even knwo what they are haha. Its a huge park with sports fields, lots of open space, a walking/jogging track and heaps of doggies running around all over the place dont
  7. Thank you so much for the welcome and the reply! Is there a vast personality/physical differences between male and female huskies? The walking minimum will be very easy to hit Is there any interior precautions I should look into? Is it common for huskies to destroy leather furtniture/scratch up walls? Thanks again
  8. Hi everyone. First post I live in Australia in a 3 bedroom apartment. It is quite large and has open areas. I am looking at getting a Siberian puppy. My dad is retired and goes for morning walks of 5km, every morning. He is also always at home, so is my mum since she works from home - The puppy would always have someone to play with. We live 80M walk from the Local park, which has a 600M x 1KM area. I am really active after work as well and frequently go for beach runs and walks. I am slightly worried about the howling. Is there ways to minimize this or does that stem from boredom? Outside of the walking/active lifestyle and general good care for the husky, Is there anything I should pre-plan/worry about before making the purchase of my little new buddy? Thanks heaps!
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