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  1. Yes, mine too. Just Sampson is actually a really good boy about Christmas. (Maybe partly because he gets put into an empty room with the door closed so he can't 'greet' the visitors...)
  2. "Finally, I caught my tail."
  3. Granddaughter says, "Oh my gosh! Look at this ear!"
  4. I know that many of you are husky experts, so I'm asking those of you who are a question: How can I train my husky to play fetch? Sampson, when he's hyper, can sort of play fetch with a Frisbee. I throw it, tell him to "Go get it," and he runs over to it. Then, I say, "Bring it to me!" and he runs over with the Frisbee in his mouth. But it takes a while to get him to give it to me. But when he's not hyper, he just kind of watches the Frisbee as it flies in the air.But he doesn't catch it. Do you guys know any ways to train Sampson to play fetch, or any tips, at least? Than
  5. Hello, I'm Sampson's Owner, the owner of Sampson the Puppy! Just wanted to say, "Hi!" to everyone. I'm a new member, but I've been with Sampson for about three years now.
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