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  1. I have a 12 week old husky puppy. Ive had her since she was 6 weeks old. She started biting and using her teeth a bit too rough. This may sound silly but puppies had litter mates. And when 2 puppies in the litter were playimg to rough the other puppy would let out a high pitched squeal and ignire the puppy who bit them. So what worked for us is saying ouch! Really vocally and then ignpring the puppy. She picked up quickly that she would have to stop biting if she wanted attention. She also started biting our older husky. He would jump on the couch and ignore her anytime she got too rough. Try
  2. I have a all white siberian husky puppy im currenty potty training. Its kinda pricey but has become a life saver in our home. We bought the PetLoo by petsafe size large. Since she is so little at 7-8 weeks right after eating we took her out approximately 30 minutes after and she would use the pet loo. Now she is 12 weeks old and completely house broken. Every morning we take her to the pet loo, and she goes. We leave access to it all day, and that is where she always goes. They just cant hold it as long as an adult husky. Ihave a 7 year old husky as well and he started using it to whenever he
  3. Thank you for this. I am gonna do a dna test to make sure. I judt have had many husky owners tell me that if the ear isnt up by 12 weeks. Shes either a mixed breed. Or has a genetic defect. So that's why i took it to the forums. She looks alot like my boy when he was a puppy. But she does have a smaller head 😁
  4. I do have my boys papers. He is not the father of the puppy though. It is hard to tell from the mother, she does have a rounder face, which made me think a mix. Maybe samoyed?
  5. Here is the mom. And yeah my males ears were up at 6 weeks
  6. I have a purebred akc male husky who is 7 years old, and a female ckc registered puppy. She is 12 weeks old and one of her ears isn't standing fully. What age did your huskies ears stand? I worry if its genetics. Or if she is even purebred. I drove to canada to get her. Hence why she is ckc, and not akc. I did see both parents, however i was unsure if the mother was purebred. Based on how she looked. Should i be concerned?
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