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  1. From what I found pics of her it's looks like she's mixed with like a black wolf cause the pics I found online she looks like a black wolf pup
  2. No I didn't get to see the parents the man I got her off of had paid a lot of money for her and then decided he couldnt take care of her so he gave her to me for free so idk what her parents look like But I've been looking online of pics just like her and it says a black wolf with a Siberian husky mixed so that's why I was asking do u know what kind of husky she might be
  3. I just got my husky her name is Bella and she's all black with a lil white in her but she doesn't look like a regular Siberian husky. So I was wanting to know if you could tell me what kind of husky she is. This is another pic of her oh and when she barks she howls
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