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  1. We have a 5 month old female husky, having rescued her at 8 weeks. I did tons of research before bringing her home so I knew what to expect. As a typical husky, she is very stubborn. We're working on the housebreaking thing and she's doing ok. She still won't "tell" me when she needs to go outside (or her cues are so subtle I miss them) so we still have 5-10 accidents a week. How does she learn "to hold" it? She also cannot stand to be in her kennel in the morning after she's gone out around 5:00am to do her business. She howls, whines and digs to get out. She might be ready to get up but we're not! My question is this: How does she figure these things out? Any clue as to what age things "click"? She's very smart but typical husky, she's also stubborn.
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