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  1. Thanks! Yes, Orijen lol (damn autocorrect).. okay cool.. I'll give them a try!
  2. Thank you so much for the responses! @robke it's a monthly thing for baths.. and a daily, also for the shedding, just for a "relief" IMO for the gnawing at himself. @Rachael_Astro yes to fresh water, I've even started to give him refrigerated bottled water :-) no, he's not overweight at all, but he does run around a lot with the new Siberian puppy.. but she has the opposite effect.. no heavy breathing/panting, etc. So, we took him emergency care last night and was told that it could be a neurological issue.. he also said that it doesn't seems to be a skin issue because th
  3. Hi All - advice please. He will do this to almost all parts of his body. And he's always been a heavy breather/panting.. IMG_1753.MOV
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